6 Up-and-Coming Social Media Platforms Every Business Should Hop on

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Baillee Furst is an Administrative and Communications Intern at Your Clear Next Step. She helps with our outreach to young professionals through her writing for our website. Outside of this, she helps with final proofing and data analysis. Baillee is a sophomore at Simpson College, majoring in English and Public relations.


6 Up-and-Coming Social Media Platforms Every Business Should Hop on

Everyone has heard of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Professionals and companies alike have been told for years how important being on these platforms is for business. These 6 cutting edge websites can increase your web presence and following, giving your company a leg up.  



The most popular platform on the list, Periscope is owned by Twitter, and offers its users the ability to live stream video to followers. This is important for any business, whether they use video or not because it adds a more personable level of outreach to clients.  

Check out Periscope here  


2. XING  

Comparable to the popular LinkedIn, XING has the opportunity for users to search for jobs and connect with employers. Unlike LinkedIn, this-United-Kingdom-based platform offers career tips and guidance. It also has much more of a focus on connecting people. Whether it be business-to-business, professional-to-professional, or business to professional, conversing with one another is the highlight of the platform.  

Check out Xing here



About.me is your businesses homepage to gain more web traffic. While the platform doesn’t allow much for content, it does garner attention for the created profile. Through this profile, your business can connect its website or blog. Through your about.me page, people will be directed to your designated web page. Adding business related hash tags and interests will further increase traffic.  

Check out About.me here 

4. Slideshare 

Do you work for a web design company? Maybe a business that offers courses? Through slideshare you can share your company’s powerpoints. The more views, the more attention your profile will receive. By adding your website’s link to your profile, or other social media for your business, you gain a larger following.  

Check Slideshare out here


 5. BizSugar  

While it may not be the most polished site, BizSugar is great because of its collaboration of news in the small business world. Through the platform you can read about start-ups, technology, marketing, management, as well as post articles from your own business. There’s something for everyone, complied into just one website.  

Check out Bizsugar here


6. Talkbiznow 

Another site similar to LinkedIn, Talkbiznow has a different sort of focus, and that is networking. This isn’t your normal networking, but small business marketing. The websites main goal is to connect business-to-business, and professional to business. With its easy capabilities to help connect and collaborate, it’s the perfect place for any growing business.  

Check out Talkbiznow here