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YCNS is dedicated to giving you affordable training options once a month on a Friday morning! Cozy up with a cup of coffee in your office or set up a screen for your staff and get inspired for change, communication, risk, and many more topics by Sinikka Waugh!

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We record all our webinars and make them available for on-demand viewing. These at-your-fingertips, on-demand sessions are a great opportunity to gather your team and block calendars at a time that’s convenient for everyone! Each webinar comes with a handy Infographic as well as a follow-along guide that can easily be used at your desk or as a reference point. Check out our on-demand offerings below!


How To Appreciate Your Customers (and Colleagues) When It’s Not Easy 
Expressing appreciation at work is critical to building healthy employee morale and solid customer relationships, but sometimes it’s just plain hard. Designed as a realistic and applicable “How-To” guide for busy professionals, this class will help you find tactical, practical steps help those around you feel valued.


How to Get More Done Right Now 
Ever wondered how you can squeeze just a few more ounces out of your day? In today’s busy workplace, we can’t spend the same amount of time and energy on every task or email that crosses our desk.  Learn how to spend the right amount of time on the things that matter most.


How To Help Others Through Change When They Would Really Rather Not
Leaders and team leaders: become equipped with tools and techniques to help teams through the transition process together.


How To Juggle The People You Work With
Based in best practices of people-juggling (“stakeholder management” to those in the PM/BA world), we’ll give you tools and tips to help you understand the people around you, and the different ways they can influence the things you’re working on.


FREE- How To Lead Change From the C-Suite
You have the ability to, with a couple of simple steps, make this whole thing easier for yourself and your team.  Spend time with us, less than 1 hour, we promise. And we’ll share how.


How To Make Solid Decisions that Stick
Every organization makes decisions, but sometimes making those decisions can be a painful experience. Get a clear picture of common decision-making mistakes, along with tools and tricks to avoid them.


How To Make Sure Next Year Is Even Better Than This Year
We’re smarter today than we were yesterday, but that knowledge isn’t doing us much good if we don’t talk about and capture it.


FREE – How To Make the Most of Your Generational Differences at Work
The fact that we have different generations at work isn’t new. This engaging and thought-provoking free webinar will present some tactical, try-this-now approaches to improving the way different generations interact where you work.


How To Play the Escalation Game
Take a deeper look at the tools and concepts of escalation, learning more about how to do it as effectively as possible.


How to Set & Score the Right Goals
Goals and expectations are critical to success! Are you ready to set the right ones, and are you going to get there?


How To Stay Grounded When Everything Around You Is Changing 
Master the ability to navigate through change by gaining the tools and vocabulary necessary to make successful transitions.


How To Talk to Your Boss about Anything 
It’s not always easy to talk to your boss, especially with generational differences and different communication styles. Learn strategies for approaching your boss with ease.


How To Tame a Bully
Discover and practice solid, repeatable, time-honored techniques for working effectively with individuals who (intentionally or unintentionally) interfere with the work we’re trying to do.


How To Think Like an Employee Owner
Would increasing ownership and accountability improve your work? Gain tips for instilling ownership.


How To Work Better with People Who Think and Communicate Differently Than You Do
Gain a better understanding of four common communication styles and gain tips and tools to help you anticipate the communication needs of those around you, adapt to their style, and interact more effectively.