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Looking to make a change? Hear about a new career opportunity? Your Clear Next Step is here to help you get there. Our services are designed to help you build a powerful personal brand, and turn that brand into action in your job search.

Understanding your personal value.

Your professional brand is based on what you bring to the table. Kay Arvidson, head career coach, can work with you to identify what you do extremely well, and create tools you can use to influence the interview process to your advantage.

On Demand Services

We are here when you need us, and respond quickly to assist your job search. If needed, we can meet with you and develop your Personal Branding Tools within a matter of days. Currently, all one-on-one meetings are conducted through Zoom.

What to Expect

When you engage Your Clear Next Step for Personal Branding Tools, we’ll ask you for a copy of your current resume. Then you’ll meet with Kay Arvidson, head career coach, and discuss your resume, experience, and goals.

In your second meeting, you’ll review a value-added resume that highlights your professional skills and personal brand. In this session you’ll also review a draft of your verbal resume. If there is a specific job opportunity you are seeking, this session will also include an analysis of the job description.

In your third and final session, we will finalize your Personal Branding Tools: a resume that highlights your professional value, a verbal resume that positions you in the interview, and guidelines as you prepare for an interview.

Depending on your needs, we can work with you to develop these tools within a matter of days or within a few weeks.

Personal Branding Tools

  • A resume that highlights your professional value. We work with you to create a value-added resume that opens the door for more conversation.
  • A verbal resume that lets you influence the interview from the beginning. Together we create a verbal resume that positions you and your skills in the interview.  It is a starting point for additional questions that demonstrate your professional value.
  • Guidance as you prepare for the interview. We show you how to learn more about your prospective employer, and how to use this information to distinguish your candidacy.

Interview Strategy

As you use your Personal Branding Tools,  head career coach, Kay Arvidson, can guide you through the interview process with one-on-one coaching,.

This is not included with the Personal Branding Tools, but is a great addition for anyone seeking to improve their interview skills!

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Meet Your Coach

Kay Arvidson

Kay Arvidson

Kay’s career has focused on leading change.  Her background includes project management, business analysis, training, website development, and marketing eCommerce applications for state and local governments.  She has also dedicated her time and skills to coaching individuals through career changes for more than 20 years .  Kay earned a BA degree in psychology from the University of Iowa, and received a MBA with a concentration in marketing from Georgia State University in Atlanta.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is one of your most valuable assets.  It helps put yourself in a position of power in the job search and interview process. The more you understand your value, the easier it becomes to articulate it.  If you’re considering a job change, YCNS will show you how you would make a great hire, how to distinguish yourself among other candidates, and how to put yourself out there and let your work speak for itself.

2. What are YCNS Personal Branding Services?

Our services help you focus on what you bring to the table for a potential employer.  We work with you to create a personal brand through a resume that shows the impact of your work.  We show you how to share your value in an interview and guide the interview in the best direction to emphasize your worth.  We identify ways you can find out more about what the employer needs, and how you can demonstrate your value to meet those needs.


3. What do you mean by showing my value to an employer?
  • We talk about your work and develop a resume that demonstrates the magnitude and financial impact of your work.
  • We help you focus on the other side of the desk – on the company that in interviewing you.
  • We guide you to learn as much as possible about the company and what problems the company is facing.
  • We work with you to guide the interview to show your strengths, and how the company can benefit from your value.
  • We show you how to position yourself to be part of the solution.
4. What if I need to apply for the job I want in a hurry?

We understand that opportunities can unfold quickly.  We are prepared to meet with you and deliver expedited personal branding services to help you achieve your goals.

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