Interpersonal Interactions

The Art & Science of Emotional Intelligence >>

How well do you manage your own responses to others? Have you figured out how to use what you know about you and what you know about them to get what you want? Take a closer look at who you are and what makes others tick to leverage your emotional intelligence and create win-win opportunities for yourself and others.

Be Heard >>

Communication is critical to our success, yet, many of us don’t invest enough time into communicating effectively, or understanding the secrets of effective communication. If you can tackle only one challenge facing you today, tackle the leading cause of business setbacks, and improve your communication!

Coaching in Relationships >>

Get tips for successful coaching conversations and discover common coaching questions and mistakes. Your expert facilitator will guide you through several coaching scenarios so you can try on your own coaching hat and hone coaching skills.

Communication Essentials >>

From communication styles, one-on-one communications, communicating effectively in difficult situations, email and written communication tips, giving direction, providing feedback, and presentation skills, this course is a comprehensive look at how to communicate more effectively.

Communication Styles: DISC in a Day >>

DISC is a great tool that will help you increase self-awareness and other-awareness when you’re working and communicating with others—you’ll become better at anticipating the needs of others and responding and adapting to different communication styles.

Contributing from Self Awareness >>

Explore different aspects of self-awareness and see where you can improve. You’ll complete a self-awareness profile and spend time tuning into how in-the-moment awareness can improve everyday working interactions.

Convince Them >>

Nothing’s worse than knowing what’s best for the business but struggling to get people on board. This class will go over how to create optimal buy-in from key stakeholders so you and the business can keep moving forward.

Facilitation >>

highlight what makes or breaks a meeting, focusing specifically on the key variables that can determine the success of a meeting: when, how, and why. We’ll go beyond our usual meeting curriculum and show you tactical tips & techniques to control the crowd and encourage productive participation.

How to Tame a Bully >>

Improve your skills in working with people who are preventing progress, and improve your skills in recognizing and managing difficult people – even in yourself.

Interviewing Workshop >>

Take a look at the interviewing process from both sides of the table—hiring managers will learn how to read a candidate more accurately, and applicants will learn how to land the job, and discover what to look for in an organization to find that right fit.

Managing Better Meetings >>

Go beyond the basics to emphasize value and efficiency in order to ensure no one wants to dodge “the meeting.” We’ll highlight what makes or breaks a meeting, focusing specifically on the key variables that can determine the success of a meeting: when, how, and why.

Presentation Skills >>

Mastering the skills to stand out and get your message across in today’s business environment will provide you with a significant competitive advantage. This course breaks down the art of presenting into a series of skills and provides a systematic formula to master each skill.

Resolving Conflict >>

Building and maintaining a healthy work environment is one of the greatest gifts you can give employees, but it takes some work. How can you diffuse difficult situations in the workplace so they don’t detract from getting things done?

Team Dynamics >>

How can you leverage the strengths of your team effectively to ensure the right people do the right stuff? An effective and productive team that works and communicates well together is critical when it comes to getting stuff done—are you there yet?

The Elevator Speech >>

You never know when you’ll get a couple minutes of someone’s undivided attention, and the elevator speech is a great networking and interviewing spiel to keep polished and ready to go. Impress people with what you do and how you tell the story so they’ll want to know more!