5-part Leadership series by Gary Walljasper, fueled by The Carlson Group

Find out what you bring to the table (or the boardroom) and explore universal principles of leadership and communication.  Leadership is more about personal characteristics and behavior than technical capability (even though know-how is a big part of being a leader)—it’s illustrated through an action more than a job title. Throughout the series, participants will trade stories and advice/coaching tips, and it’s a great way to connect with like-minded leaders in your organization and your community.

Part I: Leading from Self Awareness

Understanding yourself and your team is essential for any leader—what do they respond to, how are you different, and how can you adapt to give your staff what they need?

Part II: Coaching In Relationships

Make conversations meaningful, whether you’re delivering feedback, trying to help, or just checking in. Several opportunities for skill practice and knowledge application during class to make it “stick.”

Part III: Driving Performance

What motivates your staff? How can you help them maintain momentum? Look at models to drive performance and find out critical words and actions your team needs from you.

Part IV: Delegating Effectively

Use the Model for Effective Delegation to make your team members feel empowered and engaged, instead of overwhelmed or micromanaged.

Part V: Developing People

Get the best from your team—how can you grow them and their skills? Learn key moments in the Performance Management cycle and how you can leverage them to raise the bar for your team.

Brought to you by Your Clear Next Step in partnership with The Carlson Group, LLC, this series is designed to help you develop and apply the fundamental behaviors and skills needed to build credibility in the way you prepare for and provide leadership in your role.  Participants will gain confidence in their ability to effectively influence others regardless of the situation, and build a leadership style that helps others be the best they can be.

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*Note: This series requires the completion of the BestWorkData Assessment; equally effective at both the individual and team levels, data from the assessment can be used to help organizations hire the right candidates, understand performance issues, develop talent, resolve communication problems, and/or build and develop effective teams.

Advantages of the BestWorkDATA Assessments

  • Completion time of 25 minutes or less
  • A fully Internet-based process, meaning no administrative work required by you
  • An evaluation of both the participant’s cognitive skills (learning speed), and personal/interpersonal competencies
  • Easily readable, narrative reports that can be readily understood for action-planning purposes
  • An assessment that is considered, through research and testing, reliable and valid