PM, BA, QA, & Projects

Accelerated Project Management: Getting Sponsors Up to Speed >>

What does a sponsor actually do in a project? How much say and authority do they have, and what are their responsibilities within the team in each stage of project delivery?

Adaptable BA >>

This next-level class goes beyond the BABOK and BA basics to give you tools and knowledge that go into being a BA superstar. You’ll focus on six areas that Adaptable BAs excel in, and discover how to integrate them into your own BA style.

Business Analysis (BA) Fundamentals >>

Whether you’re new to the formal business analysis role or you’re “doing” business analysis under any title, this course provides an introduction to the terms and concepts you’ll need to move forward.

Business Analysis (BA) Survival >>

Answer the question,  “What do Business Analysts do, anyway?”  Lay a foundation for how to survive in the BA role, and what to expect in the Business Analysis domain.

Business Analysis Tools & Techniques (BATT Level 1) >>

This class will help participants understand what Business Analysis really is, while arming them with critical tools and techniques to perform business analysis well using best practices.

Foundations of Project Management >>

Designed specifically for those who are actively managing projects, this class is a deep dive into the processes, knowledge areas, inputs, and outputs you need to know about to manage projects more effectively.

Introduction to the Project Lifecycle>>

To “get” projects and understand how what you’re working on fits into the bigger picture, learn the constants of Project Management and see the patterns that repeat, project after project.

Managing Stakeholders >>

A practical look at stakeholder management, including a reality-based, and best-practice-based study of how to identify, prioritize, and manage your stakeholders to maximize the success of the project or task at hand.

Portfolio Management >>

Portfolios don’t just manage themselves, you know! Learn implementation strategies for portfolio management and how to keep projects straight and progress going.

Project Management (PM) Fundamentals >>

Don’t have a background in project management, but still need to get things done? This class is packed full of useful strategies to help you get more done, faster, and with fewer headaches along the way.

Project Management  (PM) Essentials >>

A balance of deep-dive and quick-hit overview, this class gets right to the core of what Project Managers need to know, packed with tools and techniques to help you help your team get stuff done.