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Collaboration Classes from Your Clear Next Step

In today’s world, working with others in unavoidable and a critical piece of our success. Check out our collaboration class library for tools, tips, and tricks for making it even better.

ABC’s of Mentoring >>

Have you ever wanted to be mentored or expand your skill set as a mentor? This is the class for you!

Advanced Facilitation Skills >>

When meetings go sideways, we all lose.  Gain skills for getting even the toughest folks in the toughest room back on track for a productive meeting.

Be What’s Missing >>

It’s easy for a team to fall into a slump, but tricky to help them climb back out of it. This session is designed to re-invigorate and engage individuals by boosting personal accountability. You’ll take a closer look at the tactical side of employee engagement and motivation and determine how each individual within your team can help themselves and those around them find (and be!) what’s missing in their current working environment.

Building a Culture of Appreciation >>

Expressing appreciation at work is critical to building healthy employee morale, but sometimes it’s easy to forget, and even easier said than done. Designed as a realistic and applicable “How-To” guide for busy professionals, this class will help you take those critical first steps to appreciate those around you for the valuable work they do within your organization.

Effective Meeting Management >>

This class goes beyond the basics to improve participants’ facilitation skills. You’ll learn ways to eliminate wasted time in meetings, including specific facilitation techniques. You’ll also learn how to interact successfully when difficult behaviors arise and “coach the person in front of you.”

The Essential Team Member >>

What is it about someone that makes them a pleasure to work with? Take a close look at common characteristics of the indispensable team member – from communication, to interpersonal interactions, to follow-through, relationship building, and trust, and reflect on your own skills and habits to pin down how you, too, can become an essential team member.

Facilitation Essentials >>

Learn (and practice!) the keys to successful facilitation, from planning through follow-up, and get specific techniques to help you connect with your audience as a facilitator so you can make the most of collaboration time.

The Gift of Feedback >>

If you struggle to deliver or receive feedback well, you’re essentially robbing yourself and those around you of growth opportunities–let us help you help them!

Growing Volunteers into Leaders >>

This session offers four tactical ways to grow volunteers into leaders. Each tip includes both a “what” and a “how”, and there will be plenty of time for questions, so you’ll walk away with things you can do right away to help your volunteers grow into leaders.

Harnessing the Power of Your Team >>

We’re not always in control of who is “on” the team, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help lead and influence the team to a healthy dynamic. We can be helpful team members and influence those around us to adopt the characteristics of a high-performing, psychologically safe, effective team, from any seat. This session explores how to ensure your team has the five characteristics of a healthy and high-performing team: a common goal, a healthy level of self-awareness, a reality-based set of mutual expectations, an effective standard of communication, and at least a dose of unconditional positive regard.

How (People) Smart Are You? >>

Using a balance of instructor-led presentation and engaging, hands-on skill practice that simulates real-life situations in a totally non-threatening way, this session will launch you on your way to being more effective by helping you increase your emotional intelligence and leverage it even more effectively.

How to Tame a Bully >>

Improve your skills in working with people who are preventing progress (intentionally or unintentionally), and discover and practice solid, repeatable, time-honored techniques for recognizing and managing difficult behaviors – even in yourself.

Interacting Successfully with Other Human Beings >>

Working and interacting with other human beings is an essential part of a successful workplace. This class explores the understanding and skills necessary to interact successfully with other human beings.

Making Courtesy Common Again >>

Tired of others not demonstrating what you would describe as “common courtesy”?  Stop holding others to standards you haven’t communicated, and learn to speak the unspoken, talk freely about our expectations, and reach a common understanding of courtesy.

Making Meetings Better >>

Drained by lousy meetings at work? We can fill you up with great ideas to make them better!

Making the Most of Generational Differences at Work >>

The fact that we have different generations at work isn’t new. This engaging and thought-provoking free webinar will present some tactical, try-this-now approaches to improving the way different generations interact where you work.

Navigating Through Tough Moments – 45 or 90 minute >>

Tough moments come when tensions are high, and communication breaks down.  Learn to move tough moments to effective resolution instead of unnecessarily escalated conflict using this proven and easy-to learn model.

Navigating Through Tough Moments – Half-day >>

Tough moments come when tensions are high, and communication breaks down.  Learn to move tough moments to effective resolution instead of unnecessarily escalated conflict using this proven and easy-to learn model.

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