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Communication is vital to our success and yet it is a challenge for so many of us. We are here to help with a great library of classes to help you boost your skills.

Assume Loudly >>

Assumptions can get us into trouble if we don’t talk about them. Learn to state assumptions so that you can work best with others.

Can You Hear Me Now? >>

Learn tactical tips that you can apply immediately to improve communication at work and get your message in front of the right ears and eyes. Additionally, learn about the three principles of effective communication, four common communication styles, and a simple, reusable tool to help you communicate more effectively.

Communicating Effectively with Busy Executives >>

We all have important information that our bosses need to hear. This course explores how to ensure we are communicating effectively.

Communicating Effectively with Every Team >>

Communication – effective communication – often seems elusive, yet we all know how critical it is. Add in a variety of different people, and suddenly communication can become even more difficult.

Communication Essentials >>

This hands-on course takes a close look at effective communication strategies, starting with laying the foundation of communication basics – the table stakes of communication, and understanding your own style and preferences.  The course moves on to more advanced techniques such as matching the mode to the message.

Convince Them >>

Nothing’s worse than knowing what’s best for the business but struggling to get people on board. This class will go over how to create optimal buy-in from key stakeholders so you and the business can keep moving forward.

Foundations of Effective Communication >>

Did you know there are four common communication styles? Learn about that and the three principles of effective communication in this class.

Intro to DISC >>

This high-level DISC overview will help you understand the four common communication styles and how to work and communicate with each one better.

Is Your Message Getting Through? >>

This session makes it easy to reflect on your own communication style and preferences and highlights new techniques to try when communicating with others. Learn tactical tips that you can apply immediately to improve communication at work and get your message in front of the right ears and eyes.

Mastering Your Presentation Skills >>

Practice, practice, practice! In a safe and friendly environment, with a committed coach who wants nothing but your best success, gain actionable tools and tips to improve your mastery of speaking and presenting to others.

Speaking and Presenting to Others >>

Ready to improve your presentation skills? We’ve got your mic!

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