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General Business Skills Classes from Your Clear Next Step

From time management to meeting management and interviewing, we’ve got all the classes you need to make your business even better. Check them out!

Get More Done Now >>

Learn how to spend the right amount of time on the things that matter most. If you and your team members are feeling overwhelmed by too much to do, flooded with too many items in your inbox, desperate to delegate, but not sure how to let go, or just plain not sure where to start, this session will be a lifesaver.

Getting Unstuck >>

Have you ever gotten stuck, bogged down in a project or scenario with no forward progress? No one likes being stuck, so let’s discover how to get unstuck.

Making, Building, and Maintaining Connections >>

We’re better, stronger, more capable, and smarter – and usually more fun – together! Building connections in our project network is a critical component to our success in project management (or in any field)!

Making Solid Decisions That Stick >>

Every organization makes decisions, but sometimes making those decisions can be a painful experience. Get a clear picture of common decision-making mistakes, along with tools and tricks to avoid them.

Making Sure Next Year is Even Better >>

We’re smarter today than we were yesterday, but that knowledge isn’t doing us much good if we don’t talk about and capture it. This a great opportunity to look back so you and your team can learn forward.

Right Stuff Problem Solving – 75-minute >>

Tired of wasting time tackling the same issue over and over or bringing others along in the solution approach?  Come learn a proven, repeatable approach to tackling tough problems in an orderly, efficient, and accelerated fashion that brings others along and solves the right problem in the best possible way for your situation, once and for all!

Right Stuff Problem Solving – Full-Day >>

Does the same problem or issue or pain point keep resurfacing in different forms?  Stuck on how to tackle it once and for all?  Learn a proven, repeatable approach to tackling tough problems that will keep them from rearing their ugly heads again.  Get to the right problem, pick the right solution, and get moving forward on the right next step.

Small Business Strategy >>

Strategic planning can seem like a strange and complicated process. Join Sinikka Waugh as she clearly articulates what should be included in your strategic plan for the next year.

So, Tell Me About Yourself – Interviewing 101 >>

Take a look at the interviewing process from both sides of the table—hiring managers will learn how to read a candidate more accurately, and applicants will learn how to land the job.

Taming the Time Management Beast >>

Need techniques to tackle the time management beast?  Estimating, Planning, Prioritizing, Anticipating and responding to obstacles, keeping others updated, managing through peak busy time – techniques for those and more are provided in this fast-paced, comprehensive one-day training.

10 Things Leaders Need to Consider When Working With Geographically Diverse Teams >>

Leaders need to consider the many topics in a different way when leading geographically diverse teams. They need to consider these topics from the local and remote perspective.

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