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We want to help you maximize your potential by helping you achieve top notch leadership and influence skills. Check out our library of classes and virtual coaching program.

Putting the Business First >>

The best way to become more influential at work is to put the business first. Encounter 3 critical factors for increasing your influence at work and explore 6 simple tactics to demonstrate how you put the business first and increase your influence starting today.

Influence Regardless of Authority >>

Improve your organizational influence using a repeatable model which includes an exploration of emotional intelligence, relationship-building skills, and a focus on what’s best for the business.

Leadership Team Development Series >>

This series is targeted for the leadership team of the organization, and much of what we do in this session then cascades throughout the organization.  Each session lasts approximately three and a half hours, designed to allow you to engage in discussion about your own mission, vision, values, and strategy and improve your working interactions as a team.

Supervisory Series >>

There are a variety of people who could benefit from supervisory training such as: those who are new to front-line leadership, to developing rising stars, to helping seasoned leaders stay current on current key themes in leadership. This series is designed to help all of them!

Seven Sentences to Propel You Foward >>

A brief excerpt from a new YCNS class being offered in 2020, Advanced Collaboration, this one-hour session features seven sentences that will propel you forward in your career.

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