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Project Management Classes from Your Clear Next Step

Looking for project management training? Check out these project management classes from Your Clear Next Step.

Accelerated Project Essentials >>

Learn the basics of project management that will help you “get” projects and understand how what you’re working on fits into the bigger picture.

Aligning Your Project With Your Organizations Strategic Goals >>

We’re too busy to waste time on projects that don’t deliver value.  Make sure you can describe how your project is in line with your organization’s strategic goals and save time and energy by getting all stakeholders on the same page about the project’s value.

Breaking Into Project Management >>

In partnership with your local PMI chapter, gain practical tools you can use to break in to the project management space.

The Essential Project Manager >>

Designed specifically for Senior Project Managers, this course defines what it means to be nimble in your environment. This hands-on, no-nonsense class can serve as a foundation for you on some topics, an eye-opening refresher on others, and a trove of tools you can use right away.

Foundations of Project Management >>

This lively and highly interactive session will give individuals the critical essentials for getting a project done, regardless of the size or complexity, offering you techniques, concepts, and tools that will save you time and energy right away.

Getting Sponsors Up to Speed >>

Learn the essence of project management from the perspective of the sponsor so that you can help drive projects to success.

Maximizing Project Success Through PM-Sponsor Relationships >>

There is no more crucial relationship to the success of a project than the Project Manager / Project Sponsor relationship.  This full-day workshop explores how to develop and maximize that relationship in a way that ensures the success of the project and the organization.

Procurement Project Management >>

This class is designed specifically for those who do not have a firm background in project management, but who are faced with procurement efforts that need to get done and get done well. This class is packed full of useful strategies to help procurement professionals approach their projects in a more comprehensive way, ensuring that the full lifecycle of the procurement process is managed well.  Leveraging best practices in project management will ensure repeatable processes, more satisfied stakeholders, more effective communication, and fewer headaches along the way.

Project Management Fundamentals – 1-Day PM >>

Designed specifically for those who are actively managing projects without extensive project management training, this class is an in-depth look into the processes, knowledge areas, inputs, and outputs you need to know to manage projects effectively and successfully.

Project Management Essentials – 2-Day PM >>

This hands-on, no-nonsense class can serve as a foundation for project managers new to their role, as well as an eye-opening refresher for seasoned project managers who have been managing projects for years, and you’ll come away with tools you can use right away.

Project Management Good to Great >>

This presentation addresses the specific things an experienced project manager can do differently to move to the next level of expertise, presented in an entertaining and energizing way, that is both a transfer of knowledge and a call to action.

Risky Business >>

We often encounter the same sources of risks form project to project, but no one likes to talk about risks management, and we mistakenly assume risk management is too tedious and time consuming to struggle with, but we can do better.

The Three I’s of Effective Project Management >>

This session will introduce you to the three cardinal rules of project success. These key factors determine the success of any initiative, and you’ll walk away with tools to address them in a practical, tangible way.

Working Well With Vendors >>

Vendors are an important part of many projects. Because of this, it is important to know how to prevent pain points and leverage best practices with vendors.

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