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Customer Service Classes from Your Clear Next Step

Good relationships with our customers can take our business to the next level. Check out our customer service classes for resources on working with your customers.

Appreciating Your Customers (and Colleagues) When It’s Not Easy >>

Expressing appreciation at work is critical to building healthy employee morale and solid customer relationships, but sometimes it’s just plain hard. Designed as a realistic and applicable “How-To” guide for busy professionals, this class will help you find tactical, practical steps help those around you feel valued.

Customer Experience Matters >>

This full-day class explores the matters of customer experience.  Customer experience matters:  We’ll talk about when and how and why.  And well cover the various topics, the “matters”, of the customer experience:  what goes into it, how to make it as good as possible, how to recover from less-than-stellar moments, and more

Customer Service Essentials >>

Beyond the helpful smile, gain specific, tactical ways to raise your customer service game to excellent, and keep your customers coming back for more (and bringing their friends!).

Delighting the Customer >>

Happy customers are better customers.  When we delight our customers, they return the favor with loyalty, buying behaviors, and spreading good word to others.  Encounter four simple ways we can delight them, without a ton of extra effort or time.

Providing Excellent Customer Service >>

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This class will explore how to make a good first impression AND how to make a good second, third, fourth, etc. impression.

Relationship Based Sales >>

Relationships make or break sales. Regardless of what you know about your products and services or how great they are, if you don’t connect well with the potential customer or the existing customer, the sale (today’s or tomorrow’s) is lost.  Gain proven techniques to build longer lasting customer connections with Relationship-Based Sales.

Setting Expectations for Customer Service >>

This workshop provides opportunities to set shared expectations of customer service and to practice living out those customer service expectations.

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