Workshops & Webinars

Every month we have a new opportunity for you to learn new skills or build on the ones you already have with our super affordable, super accessible Workshops and Webinars. With sessions in a variety of  formats, a variety of lengths, and on a variety of topics there is something for everyone! Here’s what you get:

  • A knowledgeable facilitator in the room or on the screen to present material in a meaningful way, and guide you through thoughtful application
  • A workbook or handout to capture key points and takeaways, with room for you to jot down your own notes and action items
  • Opportunities to reflect on your current skills and a chance to apply what you learn on the spot
  • Relevant templates and tools to bring back to your desk to make your work a little easier
  • A valuable chance to invest in your skills and get re-energized for your day-to-day work