Keynote Presentations


Sinikka is a well-known and highly sought-after speaker at Conferences of all sizes and missions. She has keynote presentations at the ready on a variety of topics–all you have to do is ask! If you’d like more information on any of these presentations, or for scheduling inquiries, please contact Jill Russell.

Building a Culture of Appreciation

Expressing appreciation at work is critical to building healthy employee morale, but sometimes it’s easy to forget, and even easier said than done. Designed as a realistic and applicable “How-To” guide for busy professionals, this class will help you take those critical first steps to appreciate those around you for the valuable work they do within your organization.

Be What’s Missing

It’s easy for a team to fall into a slump, but tricky to help them climb back out of it. This session is designed to re-invigorate and engage individuals by boosting personal accountability. You’ll take a closer look at the tactical side of employee engagement and motivation, and determine what and how your team can help themselves and those around them find (and be!) what’s missing in their current working environment.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Taking even a few moments to consider and hone our approach to communication can provide an exponential return on any time we’ve invested. If you can tackle only one challenge facing you today, tackle the leading cause of business setbacks, and improve your communication!

The Essential Team Member

What is it about someone that makes them a pleasure to work with? Take a close look at common characteristics of the indispensable team member – from communication, to interpersonal interactions, to follow-through, relationship building, and trust, and reflect on your  own skills and habits to pin down how you, too, can become an essential team member.

Finding Your Leadership Voice 

How can we learn from other great women leaders?  What are the principles of leadership and communication that apply universally?  What are the unique factors we each bring to the table as individuals?  How can we each find our own leadership voice to help ourselves and those around us?

What Business Analysts Should Be Doing Right Now

The age-old adage that what got us here won’t get us to what’s next applies to BAs just as much as it does to anyone else.  With that in mind, and with the recent review edition available of BABOK 3.0, opening up a global conversation about what business analysis really means, this session explores 5 things BAs in the Heartland need to do right now.