Activate Your Genius Mode

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How to have amazing ideas whenever your team needs them. Innovative ideas aren’t random. They’re the result of systems. With training and practice, you can implement these systems on-demand.

About Activate Your Genius Mode

What is the value of the ideas you haven’t had yet? Every successful business got that way by having better ideas than the competition.


If your business looks the same as it did 5 or 10 years ago, you may need to work on your innovation systems. If you struggle to build an autonomous workforce, that can work independently without constant direction, you may need to work on innovation systems. And, if only a few people are the “idea people,” that can drain your team’s energy, and you may need to work on innovation systems.


Awesome ideas seem hard to come by, but not when they’re the result of systems.


Systems can be practiced, systems can be taught, and you can rely on systems to work when you need them.


This course teaches systems for teams to generate amazing ideas, evaluate them, work through the kinks, and implement them.


Meet Your Coach

David Dubczak (pronounced Doob-chak) a.k.a Creative Dave, loves helping people be more creative. He believes everyone has their own secret “Genius Mode,” and creative thinking is the key to unlocking it.

David has been a middle school teacher for 10 years, where his studies in creativity grew out of a desire to find out the reasons many students struggle to make creative ideas. His research led to his book, “Activate Your Genius Mode,” and the new “Genius Mode: School Edition” to help teach anyone the creative thinking skills that turn you into a genius.

Learn more about David here.

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Program Objectives

By participating in Activate Your Genius Mode, participants will…

– Learn the foundations of creative thinking so participants can recognize what it looks like and when it’s needed.

– Learn and practice the mindset of an innovator, someone who sees problems as possibilities and creates solutions.

– Learn how to overcome “Canyon Thinking” to quickly generate many unique and novel ideas.

– Learn systems of conversation that help you consider all ideas, avoid implementing bad ideas without killing ideas with potential, and turning novel ideas into workable solutions.


About the Program

Activate Your Genius Mode: How to have amazing ideas whenever your team needs them, is a 10 week course of on-demand modules that explore the foundations of creative thinking, practice the mindset of an innovator, help you overcome “Canyon Thinking”, and stop you from implementing bad ideas. Along with your on-demand modules, you’ll receive a weekly, live coaching call with “Creative Dave” to make sure you’re getting the most out of your course.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to boost your value at team meetings or a team wanting to generate even more amazing ideas, you’ll benefit from this program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this course?
Anyone who leads teams of people who need to work together to solve problems, create new products, or improve employee or client experiences. The teams themselves can also access course content (and should) and work through it together.
What qualifies a leader? What if I'm not a formal leader?
If you work with people to solve problems, design new products, or design new experiences, this course will be helpful to you. In fact, you may wind up becoming the leader by learning and implementing the systems introduced in this course.
What is expected from each participant?
Participants will have 6 weeks of daily work that takes a few minutes per day, including keeping notes in a notebook. The biggest value in this course is the regular group coaching calls. Group call scheduling will depend on enrollment numbers. The group coaching call is where we discuss how to implement the learning from the modules into your specific situation.
What tools or technology do I need to participate?
Just a web browser and a phone. Depending on enrollment, group coaching calls may be held over Zoom.
What if I'm having trouble accessing a session?
Don’t worry, the coaching calls are cyclical, and you can always hop on the next call, or email the coach your questions.
What is "Canyon Thinking?"
Sometimes, our existing knowledge on a subject is the biggest barrier to innovative thinking. Canyon Thinking is when your experience or knowledge prevents you from seeing different possibilities. In this course, you learn to recognize Canyon Thinking and techniques for overcoming it – “Delta Thinking.”
If I work for a large corporation, is this course for me?
Is it important that you be able to find new ideas? Not necessarily huge, world-changing ideas, but even small improvements to your everyday products or systems? Would you like to be able to think of ways that your job could be done easier or faster? If so, this course will benefit you and your thinking.

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Activate Your Genius Mode


Innovative ideas aren’t random. They’re the result of systems. With training and practice, you can implement these systems on-demand.


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