Emotional Intelligence State of Iowa

Upcoming Sessions at the State of Iowa:

  • April 8, 2021 – Virtual

All sessions run from 8:30am – 4:30pm

State Employees: $235
All Other Participants: $506

Classes at the State are open to all citizens of Iowa. If you are interested in registering for Emotional Intelligence and are not a State of Iowa employee, please contact Kim Hanson (515-401-9542, kim.hanson@iowa.gov) at the State of Iowa Performance & Development Solutions or contact us and we’ll get the conversation started!

Some days, my job would be so much easier if I could just do it by myself.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  If you’ve ever had this thought, you are not alone! Working with others is one of the hardest things we do, and it requires the daily application of emotional intelligence. We’ve all got room to improve there–join us!

LMS Code: MTS EI 201

Learn about Emotional Intelligence in Your Clear Next Step’s tried-and-true W.H.A.T. format; you’ll learn What emotional intelligence is, How to apply it, Avoiding common pitfalls, and specific, concrete Tools and Techniques to boost your EQ at work (or in life).

Emotional Intelligence begins with self-awareness, and continues with managing your own behaviors.  From there, learn to be aware of and influence others so the work can get done.

Using a balance of instructor-led presentation and engaging, hands-on skill practice that simulates real-life situations in a totally nonthreatening way, this session will launch you on your way to being more effective in your current role by helping you raise your EQ and leverage emotional intelligence more effectively.

During this course, participants will:

  • Gain a simple model for understanding the four stages of emotional intelligence and encounter clear definitions and relevance of each.
  • Practice examples of how to apply emotional intelligence in relevant and commonly-experienced situations,
    • starting with the role of self-awareness in effective interpersonal interactions
    • continuing with the value of self-management in achieving their goals at work
    • exploring the importance of other awareness, and how to identify where someone else is coming from
    • Focusing on the criticality of relationship management and how to ensure that the relationship moves forward well.
  • Encounter stories and anecdotes, tools and techniques to learn “the easy way” to avoid the most common and most painful mistakes around emotional intelligence
  • Experience tools and techniques to help them improve their influence with others, including a tailored quick reference guide for future development.

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