How to Get More Done Right Now



Ever wondered how you can squeeze just a few more ounces out of your day? In today’s busy workplace, we can’t spend the same amount of time and energy on every task or email that crosses our desk.  Learn how to spend the right amount of time on the things that matter most.


– On-Demand Webinar




How to Get More Done Right Now


Problem solving expert Sinikka Waugh will teach you to tackle prioritization, delegation, and valuable time-management techniques using our tried-and-true 3-step problem solving process. You’ll assess what’s really going on, create a plan to get back on track, and the rest is up to you–but we’ll give you plenty of tips and techniques to keep your attention on the right tasks at the right time.



  • – Interact with a prioritization quick-filter to help you focus on what matters most
  • – Practice proven time management tips that will take the pain out of your inbox


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