Navigating Through Tough Moments – Public


Tough moments come when tensions are high, and communication breaks down. Learn to move tough moments to effective resolution instead of unnecessarily escalated conflict using this proven and easy-to learn model.

We’ve all had tough moments – when tensions were running high or when we weren’t “at our best”, and then a moment of misunderstanding, disagreement, or confrontation tipped us (or the person in front of us) over the edge into something ugly. Learn to anticipate and manage these tough moments with a little more grace so they don’t distract you or those around you.

Interpersonal issues and disagreements in the office can affect the entire team; the spike in stress can make team members anxious, which means they’re worrying about what could go wrong instead of getting stuff done. Using techniques like unconditional positive regard and candor, we’ll help you and your colleagues get beyond the disagreement, so your team can stay healthy and functional. During this session, you’ll practice navigating through those tough moments, and learn valuable tools and techniques to get past the drama and get back to work.

In this class, you’ll gain tools to have at your fingertips whenever you encounter conflict, and practice putting them to use. Our standard tools are reusable and customizable to help you with any situation you might face at the office, in the boardroom, and beyond, and this half-day course provides plenty of opportunities for practice and application along the way.

By attending Navigating Through Tough Moments, participants will:

  • Practice applying concepts of self-management and other-awareness to manage through tough moments
  • Explore the principles of effective communication as a necessity for tough moments
  • Gain tips and tools to help ensure safety when stress is high
  • Encounter the practical application of Unconditional Positive Regard
  • Gain techniques for uncovering and talking about our Common Purpose
  • Practice demonstrating honesty and candor with humility and sensitivity

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