Thursday December 3, 2020 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

LIVE Webinar: How to Live Your Values at Work

– $49 per viewing

We are known by our character, and our character comes from our habits. Are your workplace habits consistent with your values? Does your character show through at work? Encounter a simple process to help ensure it does.

Many of us have multiple opportunities each day to demonstrate what we hold as our values. Unfortunately, when we are less than intentional about this, sometimes, our priorities and the things we value become muddy and less evident to others in the daily grind of the workplace. Energetic and engaging facilitator, Sinikka Waugh, invites you to join her relentlessly positive pursuit of _even better_ in this breakout session to explore living our values at work.
In this session, she’ll introduce a methodology that helps us to…
• Reflect on our priorities and values
• Inspect the extent to which we are representing those values on a daily basis
• Connect with the people and work that align with our values
• Eject any of our own behaviors that do not align
• Protect the activities that support our personal and organizational mission
• Respect those around us


  • Encounter a memorable approach for living your values at work
  • Gain practical, easy-to-apply tips and techniques to help you on a day-to-day basis
  • I can describe how my values show up at work
  • I can Identify one action I will take to improve the way I live my values at work


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