Thursday November 21, 2019 8:30 AM

Full-day Workshop: Maximizing Project Success Through PM-Sponsor Relationships

@the Simpson College West Des Moines Campus
1415 28th St #250, West Des Moines, IA 50266

– $318 per person

There is no more crucial relationship to the success of a project than the Project Manager / Project Sponsor relationship. This full-day workshop explores how to develop and maximize that relationship in a way that ensures the success of the project and the organization.

The relationship between the Project Manager and the Project Sponsor can make or break the project. So often, we spend time working on the forms and the science of the process, but don’t invest quite enough time and energy in bringing people along and in the art of listening and the discipline of influence.

Designed and taught specifically for those in the roles of Project Manager and Project Sponsor, this full-day workshop explores both the science of project management and the art of communication and interactions at work, specifically as related to the PM/Sponsor interactions.  In this lively, highly interactive, hands-on workshop, we’ll review foundational principles in effective communication as well as encounter how those principles apply specifically to the most common interactions between project managers and sponsors during the project lifecycle, and practice ways to make them even better to ensure project success.


  • Encounter and engage with a representative sampling of sponsors, using a project-communication-focused profile summary.
  • Explore communication planning tools that help ensure effective delivery of communications within a project
  • Practice specific conversations, topics, and issues that come up during the project lifecycle and engage with different sponsor types to develop words and messaging to improve the effectiveness of communication
  • Create their own, personal “quick reference guide” for improving their effectiveness in communicating with stakeholders.


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