Wednesday April 15, 2020 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM

Half-day Workshop: We’re On The Same Team

The Studio
104 1/2, W 1st Ave, Indianola, IA 50125

– $159

Improve teamwork and collaboration with internal and external customers by intentionally framing the relationship of being on the same team. When we think of our customers as team mates, we all win!

Whether we’re in the private sector or government, in a for-profit or not-for-profit, we’ve all got customers. And customers matter. Businesses exist to provide a product or service to customers, and without those customers, the business would simply cease to be. And whether we’re interacting directly with the end-users of our products or services, or whether we’re providing information, solutions, or services to others inside our organizations, pretty much every one of us who goes to work on a regular basis has customers to serve, and those customers matter. Not only do our customers matter, but their experience matters. The better the customer experience, the more successful we’ll be. A key to improving the customer experience is to think of us as being on the same team. Treating our internal and external customers like we’re on the same team results in better experiences, which results in better working relationships, longer-lasting buying habits, more and better referrals, and a general up-tick in positivity and employee and customer satisfaction. Join us to to find out for yourself how to make the most of this collaboration technique!


  • Encounter key principles of collaboration and teamwork and how they apply to the customer experience
  • Gain simple, easy-to-remember tools to help improve collaboration with your customers through
    • Effective communication
    • Building relationships
    • Meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Practice a simple technique to you help manage difficult situations with your customers, thereby making even the tough moments more effective collaborations.
  • Create an action plan for improving collaboration with your internal and customers, starting now

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