Small Business Coaching Club

Small Business Coaching Club

The journey of a small business owner can be tough

You’re a visionary, your passion for your fledgling business is endless, and you’re not afraid of hard work.  Even so, it’s easy to feel isolated and it can be hard to gain traction.  The decisions to be made are endless.


Successful business owners are reflective, forward-looking, and action-oriented

The goal of every business founder with a business idea is to cross that mystical tipping point from anonymity to customer interest, aka “sales.”  And from there to building a team, growing the business, and realizing their full potential.  We’ve found that founders who successfully make that journey share three common traits.


Reflective.  They build their self-awareness and clarify what they want from their business.

Forward-looking.  They strive toward a long-term target and create a shared vision to get there.

Action-oriented.  They create smart plans, cultivate discipline, and use accountability to stay focused.


Coaching club for new founders and small business owners

We’ve created a coaching club for small business owners (fewer than ten employees), start-up founders, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals with a product or service idea.

We meet monthly and as a member of the club, you’ll gain practical business knowledge and tools to make you a smarter business owner.  You’ll have the support of your business coach and your peers.  And you’ll benefit from the structure and accountability baked into the program.

How it works

Every month we meet virtually (via Zoom) for an hour.  We cover a planned business topic (complete with a homework assignment to keep you progressing), but we also have time to address challenges that may pop up for you or your clubmates.

If you need individual coaching at any time on any of the topics,  as a Small Business Coaching Club member, you’ll have the option to purchase a session at a special, deeply discounted Club rate to do a deep dive in a one-to-one setting with your business coach.

Our motto is “simplicity works” and we hold ourselves to that.  No 20-page business plans, wordy strategic plans, or over-thinking.  All tools are practical, easy to create, and absolutely useful.

Before every meeting you get a friendly reminder email of your homework assignment and information on the next meeting’s topic.

You’ll find the club to be friendly, thought-provoking, and helpful – giving you just what you need to get traction for your business.

Meet your coach

Blair Wagner’s journey as a business owner started with her third-grade daughter’s bullying experience. She connected with her school counselor to learn what she could do to help and they ended up partnering to create a series of parent workshops on relational aggression.

Their curriculum evolved into a business and today their program is in 43 states and five countries. She converted their curriculum into an online platform and created multiple revenue streams that continues to generate passive income. Her business model has included both product and service.

As a business coach, Blair is certified by the International Coaching Federation and she founded the Iowa chapter. Blair is a leader in the coaching community and she mentors junior coaches.

Blair is an EOS Implementer® and understands the new business owner experience and the stress that comes with it. She learned the hard way by making mistakes along the way and is passionate about helping new business owners make wise choices and gain traction in their business as quickly as possible.

Client Testimonials

Wendy Balman, Owner

Creative Coaching Solutions Inc.

I have lots of ideas and have been challenged in the past with what to do with them.  Because of Blair’s support, I have been able to more clearly see how to move forward and accomplish larger and larger goals.

Blair boosted me over a big hump and as a result, I now have a more mature business.  She took my hand and stepped me across that line where I really became a business owner.

Blair taught me how to leverage a team as opposed to trying to do everything myself.  Now I know how to leverage others’ expertise to my business’ advantage.

Blair’s guidance on revamping and expanding my Coaching School allowed me to condense and converge all of my ideas and content into a cohesive program.  She helped me reimagine the program and structure it differently.  Together, we reformulated the program, priced it appropriately, and communicated it effectively.  My coaching school is now a success!  I met 100% of my attendance goal in my re-launch of the program!

Coaching Club meetings

All meetings will take place on the third Wednesday of the month at noon CST.

Possible Topics

  • Creating a shared vision
  • Long-term planning
  • Short-term planning
  • Using measures/metrics to run your business
  • Marketing strategy
  • Core values
  • Core focus
  • Business owner mindset
  • Sales conversations
  • Problem solving
  • Selecting the right people
  • Setting expectations and holding people accountable
  • Team building
  • Creating/maturing your business processes
  • Discovering (and using) your strengths and blind spots as a leader and a business owner
  • Financial planning
  • Product/service development

Topics are chosen by vote of club members.

Kevin Pokorny, Principal

Pokorny Consulting

As a direct result of working with Blair… In the first 6 weeks of the year, I have invoiced more than last year’s first 4 months combined!

With Blair’s guidance, we’ve completely revamped my pricing structure. I’ve been in business over 20 years and I’ve always been shy and embarrassed to promote myself. I was nervous about the pricing change, but I’ve found that my clients have no problem writing those bigger checks!

Together, we have created my entire business infrastructure and I have a platform for success.  I am now in maintenance mode and it is going great!  I continue to leverage my current position and my network, and I am bringing in bigger and bigger contracts – and doing the work that I love to do!

Join the club!

New members can join at any time. Your club membership is renewable every six months on September 1 and March 1.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Mary Pat Knight, Owner

Leaders Inspired

When I first came to Blair, I felt stuck.  While working with Blair, I was infused with energy, my business vision was refined and I was given tools that helped me to make effective decisions.

Not only did we create a plan, we also broke through a logjam that I’d been carrying around for a long time.  Holding the vision for me and the steadfast belief in the work that I was doing in the world proved invaluable and resulted in a 6-figure year!

I thank you, I trust you and I appreciate you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m unable to attend one of the sessions?

No worries. We record each session and a link to the recording gets sent to participants following the call.

What if I have a business partner?

Let’s include them! We’ve established special pricing just for business partners. You can add an additional person from your business for only $150 (6-months) or $250 (12-month).

Will I get individual attention?

As a member of the club you will have access to discount pricing for individual sessions with your business coach – whenever you need it.

Still have another question?

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