The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit

The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit

Virtual Business Analysis Coaching from Your Clear Next Step

This six-part series is intended to help intermediate Business Analysts make that leap to a Senior Business Analyst, and newer Business Analyst gain information that will help them to accelerate their career. This program will help Business Analysts from all industries and companies of all sizes.

The six-part webinar series will take place at 12:00 pm CDT starting on Tuesday March 17, 2020. The subsequent sessions will follow every two weeks. The webinars will last one hour and will begin with 30-40 minutes of opening remarks and information from head BA coach, Judy Alter, and continue with the remaining time for questions. Judy was a Senior Business Analyst for 15 years and can not only discuss concepts but has real life stories to discuss experiences and outcomes.

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Program Objectives

By participating in The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit, participants will…

– Gain knowledge of why soft skills are important and how to improve them

– Learn the importance of communication, elicitation skills, and stakeholder management

– Understand why Business Analysts need to be a leaders and learn how to become one

– Learn how to use your story to affect stakeholders and others

Session Dates

All sessions will take place at 12:00pm

– March 17th, 2020
– March 31st, 2020
– April 14th, 2020
– April 28th, 2020
– May 12th, 2020
– May 26th, 2020

Meet Your Coach

After a successful career in Business Analysis at Mutual of Omaha, Judy has started to write her next chapter as a coach, speaker, trainer, and mentor. Judy is thrilled to launch The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit, a virtual webinar coaching series for BAs as part of this next chapter. Judy is dedicated to helping BAs, from all industries and companies, accelerate their careers.

Judy Alter

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About the sessions

1. Soft skills – The most important skills in a BA Toolkit

In the first session we discuss why soft skills are the most important skills of a BA.

We also explain how to improve your soft skills. You can move from being an Intermediate BA to becoming a Senior BA. As a beginning BA, you can gain skills to help you start your career on the path to becoming a Senior BA.

2. Communication – The three C’s of communication

In the second session we discuss the importance of communication as a BA. The session also explains how by using the three C’s you can raise your communication skills to new heights. Find out how making sure your communication is Concise, Clear and Complete can accelerate your BA career.

3. Managing Stakeholders – The right amount of information to communicate

The third session explains how to communicate with stakeholders based on their level. We also explain the correct amount of detail at each stakeholder level. It is critical to know when to keep the information to the basic facts and when to take a deep dive with the details. Your stakeholders will give you more support if you give them the amount of details they want and need.

4. Five Why’s vs Five What’s – The better elicitation technique?

The fourth session explains which is the best elicitation technique. We take a dive into the good and bad points of each technique. After this session you will conduct much better elicitation sessions and your requirement documents will reflect that. You will also be able to use these techniques to work with stakeholders that don’t usually work with projects.

5. The BA as a Leader – Why is that Important?

The fifth session explains why it is important for the BA to be a leader. It is critical that the Senior BA needs to be a leader, mentor and trainer. This session takes managing stakeholders to a deeper dive. We also explain how the BA can use their story to influence others.

6. Bringing all the Pieces Together

The sixth and final session will start with Judy going through a brief summary of all the sessions. There will be a question and answer time. Judy will then reveal what she feels is the most important thing to take away from this series and why.

What About Professional Development Credits?

Each session is eligible for 1 CDU , for a total of 6 CDUs

Interested in claiming another type of professional development credits or if you have questions, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

After you reserve your spot in The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit, you will receive a welcome email. Before the first session you will receive session materials that include questions for preparation. During the session, Judy will spend the first 30-40 minutes covering content related to the session topic. The remainder of the time will be reserved for questions and discussion. After each session you will receive Questions for Reflection that will help you internalize and apply the session content.

What is expected of each participant?

To maximize what you get from The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit, it is expected each participant to attend each session. During the sessions, the participants will be expected to participate asking questions and offer up their own experiences and examples.

What tools or technology do I need to participate in the program?

The virtual coaching sessions will be conducted via Zoom. To get the most out of the sessions, you might find it useful to use a device that has camera or microphone access.


You don’t need to have access to Zoom before making your purchase. After you reserve your spot in the program we will send you instructions for accessing Zoom.

What if I'm unable to attend one of the sessions?

Part of the value of the program is the face-to-face engagement participants get during each of the virtual sessions. For that reason we encourage participants to attend as many sessions as they can.


That being said, we know business travel and other obligations might get in the way sometimes. If you aren’t able to attend a session we can record it and make it available to you offline after the fact.


Registration for our inaugural program, The Human Aspect of the BA Toolkit is currently closed.

If you are interested please contact us today!


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