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We believe in making a difference. At the end of the day, if you’re successful, we’re happy. When it comes to business, we value art, and we appreciate science. We know there’s a set of repeatable tools and processes that can help you manage your business. At the same time, we also know that each situation and each person is unique, requiring just the right touch. We want to help you leverage the best possible soft skills and technical skills – the art and science – of project management and business analysis to add value. We believe in excellence, in a commitment to the greater good, and in sharing our knowledge and experience to help make things easier on others.

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Making Business Better for Leaders and Individual Contributors

Are you looking for professional development for yourself? We can help you grow your skills as an individual so you can be more effective within your organization through right-sized training and coaching.


Looking for professional development for your team?

We help teams of all sizes grow their skills and work together more effectively.  Building and growing an effective team is one of the toughest things to do in business, but once you’re there, you can tackle pretty much anything. Find out how we can help grow your team so they can succeed in the organization.


Growing a business or organization is pretty much impossible to do on your own–so let us help.

Our business experts can work with you to solve problems, get things done, and grow your people.  We’re your one-stop shop for building and growing a successful business, from planning and strategy to the nitty gritty of getting things done.

Meet the Team

Sinikka Waugh

Sinikka Waugh

Relentlessly positive trainer and coach committed to even better

Katrina Headshot 3-2

Katrina Sieck

Communication Specialist and newsletter writer extraordinaire


Erin Wells

Calendar magician who makes the most of every minute

Carl WP Image

Carl Tarantino

Customer servant and exceptional answer finder