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At Your Clear Next Step, we help people have better workdays so they can co-create better communities…

What’s a better workday? Great workdays include clear communication, useful tools, processes that work, and human interactions marked with authenticity and grace. Better workdays make for better companies, happier employees, and healthier communities.

How does that work? We listen to what you need; we connect you with the training, coaching, and resources that will help you get even better. Through our courses and coaches, we help you bring out your best at the art and science of business systems and human interactions – whether working alongside others, collaborating with a project team, leading a department, solving a problem, having a one-on-one discussion, serving customers, or driving organizational change.


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Lead the Way For PM’s

Lead The Way for PM’s is intended for project managers who are leaders of people. Whether formal, professional leadership, or informal, organizational or volunteer leadership, Lead The Way for PM’s will help you grow all of your people leadership skills.


Starts July 26, 2022

Enabling Change with Grace, Speed, and Value

With just a handful of key concepts, you can enable change in an organization in a way that protects business interests, empowers people, and simplifies the process. Join us in this half day to learn more.

August 30, 2022

Business Analysis Tools & Techniques

This class will help participants understand what business analysis really is while arming them with critical tools and techniques to perform business analysis well using best practices.


August 31, 2022

Foundations of Project Management

This lively and highly interactive session will give individuals the critical essentials for getting a project done, regardless of the size or complexity, offering you techniques, concepts, and tools that will save you time and energy right away.

September 29, 2022

Internship PROS

Work with engaged interns and happy college career services to produce noteworthy internships and be a satisfied employer!

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“Every class is a build upon my communication skills.”
Navigating Through Tough Moments Participant

“I never thought of change happening step-by-step. Thank you!”
Thriving on Change Participant

“Great class! This is the second class I have taken facilitated by Sinikka. I would take every one she offers. I love how she never forces engagement. I can interact and learn in my own way!”
Enabling Change as a Project Leader Participant

“Good methodologies taught and great real-world examples.”
Thriving on Change Participant

“Great learning experience. Very interactive, insightful, and interesting. Amazing take home notebook!”
Enabling Change as a Project Manager Participant

“You will learn so many things that you don’t think about.”
Communication Essentials Participant


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