Our History

We believe in making a difference. Here at Your Clear Next Step, we exist to make communities better by helping people get even better at work.

We believe that if our human interactions are better at work, and if our processes and projects run a little smoother, and if we are working in alignment with what’s best for our organizations, then our work weeks are shorter and more enjoyable. Instead of racing home to recover and dread the next workday, with a lighter workload and brighter work environment, we drive a little safer, tip a little more generously, and use our discretionary time to volunteer and give back to our communities.

And we believe that each one of us has the ability to co-create that kind of work environment. It starts with just one person, and we offer training, coaching, and tools to help even just one person make an incremental difference which can have an exponentially positive impact.

We also know that each situation and each person is unique, requiring just the right touch. We value the art and science of both business and human interaction.  And we’re committed to your success. At the end of the day, if you’re successful, we are happy.

Founded in 2008, Your Clear Next Step is located near Des Moines, Iowa. We bring together a wealth of expertise and best practices from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Our founder created the company expressly for the purpose of helping those around us do more, deliver better results, and create more business value by getting better at both the technical and soft skills associated with business, project management and business analysis. Each of our team members has a heart for service. We’re actively involved in volunteer organizations and in serving non-profit organizations through our time and talents. 10% of our company profits are donated back to community service and outreach organizations.