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Lead The Way is a 6-month virtual coaching program from Your Clear Next Step. Led by head coach, trainer, and leadership expert, Sinikka Waugh, this program walks you through six of the most important aspects to improved people leadership. Each virtual coaching session will focus on a different topic, include a brief lesson, and the opportunity for discussion. These one-hour sessions will be supplemented by readings, webinars, and growth assignments.


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Lead The Way includes six, live virtual group coaching sessions with a small group of 4-12 participants. Each monthly session will focus on a different topic vital to good people leadership. The 1-hour sessions include opening remarks from head coach Sinikka Waugh and continue with conversations around questions that have been raised by the group.


Between each session, participants have the opportunity to watch videos and complete reading and reflection tasks that align with that month’s leadership topic. About a week before each session, participants will be invited to share the questions and concerns they would like covered in the coaching session.


The live coaching sessions occur at 10:00am one Tuesday a month for six months.


We believe Lead The Way will give leaders the opportunity to hone and strengthen their people leadership skills, while collaborating and connecting with other people leaders. Lead The Way is not intended for any particular industry, business size, or business type.


Lead The Way focuses on growing the skills and competencies needed to effectively lead and direct the work of others. We invite participants to commit to joining all six live coaching sessions. To really maximize their growth results, we also ask that participants invest time and energy into the reflection and learning assignments between each session.


If the timing of Lead The Way is not right for you now, but you believe you could benefit from the program in the future, click here to connect with us.


Please be aware that the price of the program is an introductory one. The price may change as the program evolves and grows in the future.


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