Christian Business Conference

Thank you to all who helped make the 2020 Christian Business Conference a success as we went virtual! Check back next year for details about 2021!

Your Clear Next Step Christian Business Conference

In our commitment to step up in faith, and in celebration of the God who serves as our Rock, our Fortress, and our Foundation, Your Clear Next Step is thrilled to host our second-ever conference for Christ-followers at work. This is a non-denominational, ecumenical, Bible-based session intended to encourage people of faith in the workplace.

About the Conference

With positive and encouraging messages of faith at work, sessions targeted for people-leaders as well as individual contributors, and an ending keynote that inspires a call to action, Your Clear Next Step seeks to bring Christ-followers an opportunity to gather together virtually in fellowship. We will celebrate God’s goodness and seek ways to serve Him more intentionally and share His abundant love with others more purposefully at work, with the hope of giving Him all the glory and drawing others to His saving grace.

The conference ran from 10-2:30 on the first Friday in June and includes learning, application, and opportunities for fellowship.  We are excited that this has become an annual conference to help continue to strengthen and encourage fellow believers at work and to continue to shine God’s light in our day-to-day workplaces.

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We’re inviting everyone to invite at least one of your colleagues so that you can take back the words and messages you hear together and encourage each other to live them out day-to-day at work.

We’re collecting a free-will offering during the event, with proceeds going to Meals From the Heartland and Heal House of Iowa.

You’re welcome to support the event by registering to attend or making a donation. If you’re interested in helping in other ways, help us spread the word! Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to the conference!

About this year's theme

The 2020 theme for the conference is “Let the Light Shine”. Enjoy fellowship and focused sessions designed to help you live out the call in the book of Matthew. Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

Since its inception, Your Clear Next Step has been founded on the basis of Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all of your ways, acknowledge him and he will direct your paths.” Giving God all the glory in the good times, trusting him in the dark times, and seeking wisdom from his Word are ways we try to do that. It turns out that when any of us does that faithfully in our own lives and our own workplaces, others see us doing those things, they hear us talking about God and his steadfast love, and they see his Light shining in our lives, which can help draw them to learn more about him and encounter his saving Grace.

Each and every day – and so vividly now during a pandemic and a time of physical distancing, loneliness, stress, distress, and crisis – we as followers of Christ need to faithfully point to Christ as the Way the Truth and the Life. Matthew 5:16 is a specific call to us as Believers to let our own testimony, our own story, our own encounter with God shine through as a light for others to see and to be drawn to Christ.  This conference is a chance for us to share stories, exchange ideas, and be encouraged and inspired together with practical, tactical ways we can let Christ’s light shine in our lives and our workplaces so that others can come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

When and Where

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Thank you so much to our 2020 sponsors! Check back for more information about sponsoring the 2021 conference!


Thank you to everyone who registered for the 2020 Christian Business Conference! It was a wonderful success thanks to your participation. If you are interested in joining next year, fill out this form to be the first one to learn more!


Thank you to everyone who donated to the causes supported by our 2020 Christian Business Conference. Proceeds from the event went to Meals from the Heartland and Heal House of Iowa. We appreciate all of your support.

Get Involved

Thank you to all who spread the word to help make our 2020 conference such a success!

Help us spread the word!

Thank you to everyone who helped us fill the conference by spreading the word!
2020 Christian Business Conference - Flyer

Thank you to our Lunch Time Sponsor, McCraine Associates, Inc.!


Daniel is the founder of McCraine Associates, a business and marketing strategy company. He helps hurried, worried, and buried business owners 10x their business without the headaches, hangups, or hiccups. Daniel’s work has helped companies save or make over $21.5 million in capital and expenses. He has been called the “Marcus Lemonis of Des Moines.” Daniel is a nationally recognized, award-winning training professional with over 25 years of experience. He earned his Master’s degree at Drake University.  Daniel is an author of several books, an Eagle Scout, a musician at Grace Church in Des Moines, and a member of the International Coaching Federation, the Association for Talent Development, FuseDSM Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Des Moines Chamber of Commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

When? Where? How Much?

  • Where: Check back for more information
  • When:  Check back for more information
  • Cost: Check back for more information

How can I get involved?

Check back for more information on the 2021 conference

The best way to get involved with this year’s conference is to join us on June 5th, and invite your friends. You can register soon!

If you aren’t able to join us, but would still like to support the conference by making a donation, you can do so here.

If you aren’t able to join us, but would like to help in a different way, invite your friends and colleagues! You can download our poster soon!

What is the agenda?

  • 10 – 12: Welcome, opening remarks, large group session – Following a call to prayer, learn about the background of this inspirational event, engage in small group discussions, and hear from speakers  Sinikka Waugh and John DeSauliners as they share Biblical interpretations of the application of Matthew 5:16.
  • 12 – 1: Panel discussion – Panelists Barb Ranck, Becky Naderman, and Joel Smith, with Sinikka Waugh as Moderator, will share ideas of how to let Christ’s light shine in the marketplace. Each panelist will share their own journey, their own examples, and their own experiences letting God’s light shine in their lives and actions at work and in the marketplace. While no one of us has all the answers, each of us can benefit from hearing about how others are making a difference in their day-to-day lives, and each of us can find ways we can apply what we learn from this insightful panel discussion!
  • 1 – 2:30: Large group session – The afternoon session features Becky Naderman, as she shares her journey and her learnings, and suggestions each of us can take away for our own application, followed by more small group discussions, a call to action and closing remarks.Learn more about Becky Naderman at her website:

What can I expect when I’m there?

We’ll be recreating the conference experience to the greatest extent possible using the Zoom platform, with opportunities to network, to hear from different speakers, to engage with panelists and other attendees, and to leave recharged by the fellowship of other believers and practical application of Biblical principles

Psalm 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

How did you come up with this idea?

A couple of years ago, we realized how refreshing it was to spend time with other Christ-Followers in the workplace, and we kept hearing examples of individuals who were afraid to speak about their faith at work, or who felt lonely in their faith at work.  The purpose of this event is to gather together as fellow believers, to encourage one another, to cheer each other on, to lift each other up, and to help each other as we live our lives in a way that points those around us to God’s amazing grace. This gathering together is designed for all of us, in every industry, company, and role.  If you are a Christ-Follower, if you work, then this is a chance for you to be refreshed and encouraged.

Can I attend without a co-worker or leader?

Of course, all are welcome!  We’d love to have you join, whether on your own, or with others from your workplace.  If you’re a leader of people, we encourage you to invite at least one of your team members – maybe your whole team if you can – as a chance to grow and learn and share this time together.

Is it really free?

Thanks to our sponsors, this event is completely free to anyone who wishes to register. An optional, free-will offering will be collected during the event, with proceeds supporting Meals From the Heartland and Heal House, in support of this year’s theme “Let the Light Shine!”.


Thanks for making 2020 a success! Let us know if you’re interested in 2021!