Business Analysis Survival Guide

This is a reality-based crash course in what you absolutely need to know as a BA, packed with the essentials you need to do Business Analysis in the real world.

This workshop is designed to help new or almost-new BAs formalize their discipline knowledge and BA processes rooted in best practices and BABOK standards.

A one-day reality-based crash course in what you absolutely need to know as a BA, this course takes a different approach and focuses beyond “textbook” business analysis and brings participants into the real world. Full of practical and readily applicable knowledge, you’ll walk away with the essentials and tools to do business analysis in the real world, starting with an introduction to business analysis. You’ll discover the basic concepts for effective business analysis and how BAs can add value to project teams and organizations, then you’ll be exposed to the competencies that BAs must master to be effective: communication, relationship-building, leadership, knowledge management, organizational skills, and versatility. Finally, learn the key differences among basic types of requirements – what makes them different, when to use them, and why they look like, and how to write good ones.

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Prepare to be productive and effective as a BA as quickly as possible
  • Recognize an easy-to-apply framework and process to use from the BA role
  • Be introduced to the core knowledge areas of business analysis and the underlying competencies
  • Recall and practice most commonly used BA techniques for immediate application

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