Enabling Change with Grace, Speed, and Value


With just a handful of key concepts, you can enable change in an organization in a way that protects business interests, empowers people, and simplifies the process. Join us in this half day to learn more.

Change appetites vary, and changes can be hard. But they don’t have to be. Equipped with a few simple concepts, you can help enable change in your organizations.

  • Defining the terms makes it change simpler.
  • A growth mindset helps with any change.
  • A people-positive attitude helps with any stakeholder.
  • Envisioning change as a journey helps set the stage for the messages we need when going through transition, and helps others hear what they need to hear, right when they need it most.

This engaging look at the processes many people go through around change and the messages that help them move forward will help you look at change a little differently, with the end goal of improving your own ability to help others through the transition process – regardless of the magnitude of the change or the change appetite of those facing it.

By attending Enabling Change with Grace, Speed, and Value, participants will:

  • Encounter common symptoms of change and transition as well as indicators of change appetite – and what to do about them.
  • Explore how your attitude and mindset can be leveraged to help the attitude and mindset of others.
  • Gain a simple, easy-to-replicate model that offers both strategies and tactics to help bring those around you through change successfully.

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