Foundations of Project Management Public


April 4th, 2023

8:30am – 4:30pm Central Time


This lively and highly interactive session will give individuals the critical essentials for getting a project done, regardless of the size or complexity, offering you techniques, concepts, and tools that will save you time and energy right away.

This class is designed for individuals who are new to the PM space and need an introduction, or those more seasoned PMs who could use a refresher. This class includes everything you need to know to manage a successful project. Filled with fun activities and plenty of group interaction, this class will introduce you to many topics including, what a project manager is, what a project is, the project lifecycle, and helpful mnemonics. Additionally, participants will walk away with tools they can apply right away.

Foundations of Project Management – Objectives: 

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Describe a project in a meaningful way – including the “what” and the “why” of it, a summary of the “how” and a prioritized statement of high-priority risks
  • Describe the road map of project management, including the processes and knowledge areas that contribute to project success, with a focus on stakeholder management through influence regardless of authoring:
    • Managing the triple constraint of Scope, Time, and Cost
    • Effective communication management
    • Risk management
  • Describe how the transition process impacts their team, and how projects cause change

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