How To Make Courtesy Common Again

Common courtesy is only common if we make it so. So how exactly do we make it common?

How To Make Courtesy Common Again

Tired of others not demonstrating what you would describe as “common courtesy”? Stop holding others to standards you haven’t communicated, and learn to speak the unspoken, talk freely about our expectations, and reach a common understanding of courtesy.

Built on the three principles of effective communication (it’s critical to our success; it’s hard for most of us; and it’s ultimately about how we connect with the other person in the exchange), and including some of the most common hot-buttons in today’s workplace (timeliness, greetings/closings, eye contact, level of details, and “getting personal”) this session will give your teams something to talk about, work on, and practice on an ongoing basis, to build even greater team success.

As part of this session, we’ll explore the following questions, and more:

  1. What does “polite” mean in face to face interaction?
  2. What does “polite” look like in an email?
  3. What is the right balance between productive and “polite”?

By attending this session, participants will be able to

  • Identify what courtesy looks like for their team in several common workplace interactions, or where additional discussion needs to take place
  • Gain words and tools to continue the discussion with their team


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