Life on Purpose


As a result of completing the Life on Purpose program, you will gain confidence in the unique role you play and the value you add. You will also understand where your blind spots are and have strategies for reaching your full potential. The ultimate goal is to become more engaged, or re-engaged, and ready to make a lasting impact.

The 8-week program starts the week of June 22nd. Dates and times will be determined by participants.


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This live, 8-week, facilitator-led virtual coaching program is for up to 6 individuals looking to:

    • – Lead themselves well
    • – Understand strengths, and blind spots, impacting their full potential
    • – Increase current levels of engagement or re-engage (for those who may have lost momentum)
    • – Increase confidence in the individual’s unique role and the value they add


What To Expect

Weeks 1-3: Explore

In Weeks 1-3, Participants engage in a variety of assessments intended to bring their unique designs into clearer focus. The results and related discussions help uncover core strengths, skills, and values that go far beyond the roles and identities we take on.


Weeks 4-6: Discover

Weeks 4-6 are spent uncovering what holds participants back from their potential and offers options for moving forward. Week 6 is an individualized 1:1 coaching session for each participant, designed to further refine the participant’s unique focus.


Weeks 7-8: Define

Weeks 7-8 are dedicated to crafting and refining individual personal purpose statements. By the end of the program, participants are more aware of their unique skills, values, and purpose and how to put this into action in their daily lives – living Life on Purpose.


Four Ways Knowing Your Purpose Benefits You (And Others)
    • – Increased personal energy
    • – Integrity (giving your best “yes”)
    • – Improved relationships
    • – Meaning & courage


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