The Art and Science of Process Improvement and Problem Solving – Public


June 11th, 2024
August 8th, 2024

8:30am-4:30pm Central Time



This full-day class covers the foundations of effective problem solving, using our own proven methodology. We begin with making sure that you’re solving the right problem, using best practices in root cause identification along with effective facilitation and brainstorming techniques. From there, we move to identifying the best possible solution options, knowing that not every problem has just one solution, and not every solution option is the right choice for right now. You’ll be exposed to key components of successful decision-making and an approach that helps you bring others along. And finally, our session closes with how to create the right plan of action for you, beginning with taking that critical next step.

With practical, hands-on examples, in this highly interactive workshop you’ll learn how to identify the right problem, uncover the right solution, and put the right action plan into place. Gain easy-to-apply tips that help you collaboratively solve even the most complex problems, head-on, without getting overwhelmed by the problems you’re facing and without becoming distracted by the first solution that comes along.

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June 11, August 8

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