How to Make Sure Next Year Is Even Better than This Year


We’re smarter today than we were yesterday, but that knowledge isn’t doing us much good if we don’t talk about and capture it.

How to Make Sure Next Year Is Even Better than This Year

This one-hour training is a practical, tactical look at the magic of the retrospective. The retrospective is a valuable tool for you and your team to capture new learnings and avoid making the same mistakes over and over…and over. This is a great opportunity to look back so you and your team can learn forward.

This training teaches you how to facilitate an effective retrospective to help you identify what’s working and how you can capitalize on it, along with what’s not working, broken, or completely missing in action, and how you can improve it. Use this tool when you close out a project or initiative, or to stop and think about a particular process. This reusable template coupled with facilitating techniques designed specifically for retrospectives will help you and your teams capture lessons learned so you go into the next project collectively smarter than you were before.


  • Encounter a reusable template for the retrospective
  • Learn effective ways to share lessons learned and what’s worked in the past—and what hasn’t

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