How to Think Like an Employee Owner


What drives individuals to feel invested in their company? What can employees and owners do to increase the sense of value and purpose that drives success?

How to Think Like an Employee Owner

This perspective-broadening training focuses on improving the employee-ownership mindset, regardless of what role you play. It provides tools to improve employee engagement and commitment to the company’s mission, as well as identifies how an employee can best position themselves as a driven and invested individual. We’ll explore key reasons employees may not demonstrate a shared vision of commitment within your organization and provide vocabulary to improve conversations for future growth. These techniques offer practical and applicable ways to nurture the employee/owner relationship and further your collective success.


  • Recognize the common reasons that prevent employee-owner mindset and identify those most likely affecting your organization
  • Improve employee accountability where it matters most with three applicable techniques
  • Acquire tools to communicate your commitment to the company’s mission and further your collective success
  • Gain vocabulary to shift perspective, and nurture employee/owner relationships with the organization

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