How to Build and Keep Good Relationships in Your Network


Not sure how to maintain your business network? Try these proven tips

How to Build and Keep Good Relationships in Your Network

We all know that, intrinsically – for years we’ve been told “it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know”…and its cousin “even more important is who knows you”. And when we grow in our chosen discipline or field or career, we need to continually develop our network so we’re top of mind for cool new opportunities to learn something, or first in line for career-building projects. Building the network takes discipline – we have to make new connections, build those relationships, and then maintain them over time. That takes a little finesse, a little time, and a little effort. Most of us could benefit from a little help.
During this session, we will share tips to help us get even better at…

– Making new connections. For some of us, that’s easier said than done. Others of us thrive in this space. Whether you love it or loathe it, you can benefit from these simple, tactical tips for making new connections, finding new ways to connect with others you don’t usually interact with, and to make the most of that first contact.

– Building connections. Okay, so you’ve made a new connection, but how do you grow that from a name or a business card or ‘that person I met at that thing’ that into a mutually beneficial relationship where they think of you and you think of them? We’ll explore some proven and practical ways to build relationships from the ground up, that can work into how you already spend your time.

– Maintaining connections. We change jobs, move on to different projects, move to different teams or get promoted in our organizations. How do we maintain those connections and relationships that we’ve built, even when we don’t see them every day or every week? A few meaningful actions can go a long way to maintaining those connections so you can pick up at your next conversation without missing a beat.


  • Gain simple tactical tips for making new connections, finding new ways to connect, and make the most of that first contact
  • Encounter strategies for building your connections
  • Practice a few meaningful actions you can take to maintaining your connections


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