Laughter in the Midst

Bringing Laughter and Humor Into the Workplace


Bring laughter into your workplace to energize and increase productivity. Use laughter to build community and deepen the trust level at work.



About Laughter in the Midst

Laughter in the Midst is a 5 session series that engages teams in learning and experiencing the power of laughter. Each session will include research showing the benefits of laughter for both our bodies and our minds. Participants will take part in actual laugh exercises that they can immediately put to use in both their personal and professional lives.


Not only are teams expected to have ‘fun’, as research shows fun work environments = higher productivity, but they are also given tools and strategies to make laughter and humor a natural part of their work culture. Laughter in the Midst benefits everyone and every team, but is even more crucial for teams experiencing change: effects of COVID, downsizing, new leadership, national unrest, etc. These are all examples that add stress to the work world and, sometimes, causes morale to plummet. Laughter in the Midst will provide the backdrop for an engaging, trusting, and energized culture.

Meet Your Trainer


Nancy Hanna has always been one to empower others to be the best that they can be with the best that they have. After 30+ years in the education world, she continues to inspire, challenge, motivate, and celebrate others. She is a certified Christian Life Coach, along with being a certified Laugh Instructor. Whether she is making you laugh or challenging you to meet goals, she will win you over with her zest for living and her love for learning. Nancy hasn’t met a stranger in her 60+ years and always enjoys connecting with those she meets. Nancy and her husband, Jeff, operate Happy Heart Resources, giving businesses and individuals alike the opportunity to find joy in living. Connect with Nancy if you are looking for the motivation and skills to continue to be a better you, or just wanting to laugh. She won’t disappoint.

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Connect with Nancy to plan the best way to incorporate Laughter in the Midst in your office. 

Program Objectives

By bringing your team Laughter in the Midst, participants will…

  • Recognize the power of laughter
  • Engage in and understand actual laughing exercises
  • Become energized as a team
  • Boost personal and team creativity
  • Build trust and community among the team

About the Sessions

1. Recognize the power of laughter

Have you ever laughed so hard your insides hurt? In each session, you will see how laughter is an aerobic work-out, along with being a brain booster.

2. Engage in and understand laugh exercises

Here’s your chance to laugh just for the sake of laughing! Each of the five sessions will provide a number of laughing exercises, such as the ‘roller coaster’ and ‘dance’ laughs. One of the best things about laughing is that your brain doesn’t distinguish between genuine and fake laughter. Everyone is a laugher.

3. Become energized as a team

Do you have fun when you are at work? Research shows that a ‘fun’ work environment is a more productive environment. The use of humor and laughter is also associated with improving morale, which, in turn, energizes team work. Humor connects us to one another. When we laugh we trigger an automatic response in our brains to smile, thus, connecting with each other.

4. Boost personal and team creativity

Did you know that being in a humorous environment before doing a problem solving activity will actually make you a better problem solver? Teachers who use humor in their classrooms on a regular basis report students do a better job of figuring out puzzles, problems, and work better together. When humor is a natural part of the workplace, divergent thinking is encouraged and people are more likely to share novel ideas.

5. Build trust and community

Think of the people you trust the most. Chances are good that you share laughter in that relationship. Sharing laughter shows common sentiment and reduces tension. Leaders who use humor tend to have a higher trust level with their employees, along with greater gains and more satisfaction in the workplace.

Connect with Nancy!

Connect with Nancy to plan the best way to incorporate Laughter in the Midst in your office. Having 1 session for 5 weeks in a row is the norm, but we can easily adapt to your needs and wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to do 5 sessions?
No, Nancy can come in for any number of sessions. However 5 is recommended so that laughter and humor become a part of who you are at work on a daily basis.
Who typically is in attendance for the laugh sessions?
Nancy believes that starting at the top with the management team is the most productive. We lead by example and when workers see their supervisors laughing and building camaraderie, they are more willing to join in and see the power of laughter. You can see amazing results when you start at the top and then have each manager work with Nancy and their team.
This sounds good, but I am not sure my team will buy into it.
This is one reason why Nancy invites you to take advantage of the 30 minute consult. In that time, you can share goals, obstacles, and visions with Nancy. She, in turn, will help you see how intentionally adding laughter and humor in the work day will make your goals easier to achieve.

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Laughter in the Midst

Bring laughter into your workplace to energize and increase productivity. Use laughter to build community and deepen the trust level at work.

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