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…save time and money by solving the right problem sooner with a realistic and measurable plan?
…reduce overwhelm by finding more sustainably productive ways to work?

…improve employee morale by creating more positive workdays from within?

…stay competitive by “tightening your turn” or increasing your agility in adapting to changing customer demands?

Changemakers operate in the best interest of the business.  

Changemakers make authentic human connection.  

Changemakers demonstrate change is a process, not an event.  

Does your organization effectively empower Changemakers?

Elevate professionally and personally with the Changemakers Certification program, an 8-module curriculum designed to equip you with applicable skills, knowledge, and tools you can use right away.

Join a community of people dedicated to continuous learning and professional growth.

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Part of my new role here is to do processes and procedures, and I had some things not work so well, and it just so happened they were the same things we talked about that day in Changemakers. It helped me realize the things I didn’t do and incorporate other tips I learned going forward.”

-Changemakers Participant

Better agendas for meetings, better understanding of meeting leaders, and being able to help others through information learned on project management”

-Changemakers Participant

It was nice to be with this size of group because you were really able to form trust and have everyone speak freely, whereas if you get too big of a group it isn’t as interactive, and that was the thing I really enjoyed there. We bounced ideas off of each other and shared experiences that go along with what we are talking about.”

-Changemakers Participant

I have used a lot of tools we have learned to help others work through change in their spaces, and understanding emotions in the space while helping others dig into the why.”

-Changemakers Participant

I was in Changemakers with another leader in my workplace, and we hold each other accountable. We ask ourselves if we closed the meeting correctly, etc. It’s nice to have someone else accountable that went through it at the same time as you.”


-Changemakers Participant

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