Customer Stories


From a Business Analyst

“I had a goal to enhance my business analyst skills so I started working with Sinikka at Your Clear Next Step. She has provided me with many different tools I could use based on the situations I shared with her. Those tools have helped me be more efficient and effective in meetings with colleagues and leadership. Sinikka provides great insights into how to approach situations that may be challenging and provides guidance on how you can be successful. I thoroughly enjoyed going through DiSC with her as it is information I can use in my professional and personal life. Her coaching, guidance, and support has helped me in advancing my professional career.” – N.H.


From a Management Coordinator

“In my one-on-one coaching meetings with Sinikka I’m able to discuss items I’m specifically struggling with or am stuck in at work. She often gives me hope when I feel stuck. I feel heard and understood as she helps me with specific tools in strategic planning, project management, and communication. I often think these sessions are some of the best dollars I spend.” – A.C.


From Software Developer to Leader of Leaders

Your Clear Next Step coached Nicole through her rise in her organization. Through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, she took peer and self-assessments, reviewed and applied leadership-based texts, and practiced her skills that she later applied in within her organization. With the help of this one-on-one coaching, she went from a software developer to a leader of leaders!

“It’s been a real relief for me to know that I have the help of Your Clear Next Step to help guide me through situations when they arise…I’m much more equipped to handle situations in the future.” – Nicole



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