Case Studies

Jessi Stessman Organizational Development Specialist and Consumer Safety Technology (CST Holdings) Cultivate the Company’s Next Generation of Leaders


CST Holdings promotes employees to higher-level leadership roles in less than 3 months after attending Your Clear Next Step training sessions


Jessi Stessman is the Organizational Development Specialist for Consumer Safety Technology (CST Holdings), parent company to Intoxalock, the developers of the Intoxalock ignition interlock device. The company has approximately 700 employees in multiple companies under the CST Holding Company umbrella. Jessi is responsible for Human Resources functions including providing internal training and sourcing third-party multi-channel training solutions.


Jessi Stessman and the leadership team at CST Holdings were looking for a way to give emerging leaders within the company resources and tools to attain higher-level roles. They needed comprehensive training that the team, their most valuable asset, could use to advance their careers within the company.

A connection at DMACC suggested Your Clear Next Step to Jessi as an organization they may want to partner with because of the different types of trainings they offered. She was nervous though, because as she says:

“I’ve had both good and bad experiences with third-party trainers in the past. I was cautious about getting to know who we would potentially partner with for our training needs.”

One of the biggest deciding factors in bringing in a third-party trainer is their experience as well as their ability to reach a diverse audience. When Jessi initially talked to Sinikka, founder, president, and head trainer at Your Clear Next Step, she was impressed with her breadth and depth of knowledge and was excited to work with them. 

Jessi quickly discovered that Sinikka was extremely personable and could train anyone from entry-level to the C-suite. “Your Clear Next Step checked all the boxes from an ability to get through to a diverse audience, to the organized plan, to the professionalism.”

Jessi says: I gave Your Clear Next Step a very general idea of what I was looking for and Sinikka came back with a well thought out plan that addressed specific training needs. It was clearly not a cookie-cutter solution.”



Emerging Leader multi-part training that included a defined, recommended, list of courses compiled by Your Clear Next Step based on an understanding of the client’s needs and priorities. The selected courses were delivered over seven sessions.

With employees spread out across the U.S., CST Holdings would need a variety of options. They wanted a mix of in-person and virtual trainings covering the topics of leadership, remote leadership and communication.

Jessi says: “It was immediately apparent that Your Clear Next Step wanted to find the absolute best solution so that I walked away feeling great about what we’d done. And I have. That’s been the result every single time.”

She was also pleasantly surprised to see the training program introduced new, yet simple, ideas.

“It may not be rocket science, but it was a different approach to commonplace situations. The best part was the training made it easy for individuals to implement and take the next step forward in their roles.” 

Jessi pointed out that training is something a company could create in-house and there are many ways to do that, however, there is significant value in having someone with an outsider’s perspective come in to help problem solve with employees.



With emerging leaders implementing what they learned within the first week, and promotions to Manager and Director happening within three months of training, Jessi and CST Holdings had a strong and dedicated team that could weather 2020 and even acquire another company amid the pandemic.

CST Holdings’ ongoing collaboration with Your Clear Next Step has been instrumental in developing talent and promoting from within. Investing in their employees allows them to live out the company’s core values and will continue to contribute to the company’s successes over the long-term.



One of the exciting and surprising outcomes for Jessi was the feedback on the training. After the first round of every training, she conducts a participant survey. Most trainers, herself included, receive high marks, but never perfect. Sinikka received a 5 out of 5 in every area of the training.

“That’s never happened with any other trainer we’ve brought on site!” says Jessi.

These perfect scores came from EVERYONE; even across different training groups – the same rating: 5 out of 5.

“For a trainer to receive perfect scores for a variety of trainings from separate audiences that included directors, managers, front-line workers and emerging leaders; that’s unheard of.”

Jessi attributes this to the way Sinikka challenges attendees to apply and problem solve with the information she gives them. She provides ideas they can take back and implement.


 “I can’t say enough about how helpful the training and Your Clear Next Step are – it’s truly over the top. Having a trainer in my back pocket who gets a 5 out of 5 is a huge asset to share with the team,” Jessi says.

Ready to develop your company’s talent so you can promote more employees from within? Your Clear Next Step can compile a customized training package to meet your needs.

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Project Management Initiative

“Working with Sinikka has been an amazing experience as our company grows in Project Management competencies. She takes a topic that can be overwhelming and makes it fun and engaging by using vivid imagery as well as personal examples from her many years of experience in this business.

She is always able to connect with the needs of every attendee from those who are brand new to Project Management all the way to those that have been in the industry for years. Sinikka can always help each person walk away from training with something new to try in their real world situations.

The typical ask from those that have spent any time with Sinikka is, when can we have her come back? That speaks volumes about not only her expertise but the way she is able to build personal relationships with everyone she comes into contact with. She has helped us create a community of Project Managers that without her assistance would have taken much longer to build.”

-Nicole, Senior Project Manager

Leadership Development and Employee Engagement

Your Clear Next Step worked with a digital services team with a medium sized company in the publishing industry.

Leadership Development

  1. Conducted skills assessment for a team of 29 leaders
  2. Developed and delivered multi-session leadership series integrated with small-group workshops and 1:1 coaching to improve self-awareness and leadership skills
  3. Confirmed results through post-assessment
    1. 94% of participants showed measurable growth
    2. Average rating increase of 11%

Employee Engagement

  • Improved employee engagement through the facilitation of a survey and problem-solving to address highest areas of need


Design Company

  • Your Clear Next Step Strategy Coach helped Owners analyze present state of company and build out a 1-year and 3-year strategic plan
  • Coach checked in regularly to provide accountability coaching


“The [Client] Empire just finished strategic planning sessions with Your Clear Next Step and we HIGHLY recommend them.” – Rachel


Shipping/Freight Company

Your Clear Next Step…

  • Delivered training and coaching to leadership team
  • Helped establish standard performance management process
  • Provided Communication, Problem Solving, and Team Dynamics training
  • Continued to provide leadership, sales, and train-the-trainer training


The Company…

    • Doubled in size since in two years
    • Won DMACC’s Small Business of the year Award in our 2nd year of working with them
    • Named to INC 5000 list multiple consecutive years
    • Mentioned Your Clear Next Step in their awards acceptance speech


Local Telecommunications Company

Your Clear Next Step…

  • Conducted change and strategy sessions with select executives and team leads
  • Rolled out Change Management training and Organizational Strategy messages throughout the Organization
  • Designed and implemented Project Management Office

Employees expressed appreciation and respect for their CEO and CFO for providing direct insight into the company’s strategic plan and goals


Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer 

Your Clear Next Step…

  • Developed a multi-faceted training and assessment program targeted to needs of Program Managers
  • Delivered in-person and remote training and coaching on Meeting Management, Influence, Decision- Making, and Interpersonal Skills
  • Conducted training at international branches in Germany
  • Conducting ongoing assessments to measure effectiveness of training

90.5% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the training, the facilitator, and the materials were effective.