How to Set & Score the Right Goals


Goals and expectations are critical to success! Are you ready to set the right ones, and are you going to get there?

How to Set & Score the Right Goals

Clarifying goals and expectations is critical to your success, but sometimes, we set bad goals with good intentions. So, what does a good goal look like? How can we revise or refine the bad ones to make them actionable and achievable? And, most importantly, once we set them, how do we identify who will measure them, and how? We’ve got tips and tricks to help you set (and achieve!) better, SMART-er goals with the end in mind. In this training, strategy expert Sinikka Waugh will introduce the SMART goals framework to help you set goals that are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound, with tactical tools and techniques to implement right away so you can set and score the right goals.


  • Learn the SMART goals framework
  • Gain tips and tools to help you set and measure the right goals

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