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Carlson Group’s Leadership Coaching Program provides a comprehensive approach to helping new and/or experienced leaders and individual contributors enhance their effectiveness.  General areas of focus may include, but are not limited to:

  • Building upon or improving leadership capability and credibility (e.g., self-awareness, influence, communication, presence, coaching, strategic thinking/execution, etc.)
  • Transitioning to different responsibilities or a key leadership role
  • Developing a high-potential talent identified as part of the succession planning strategy


Recognizing that all coaching engagements are unique, we work with each individual to create an approach that targets the specific areas of focus to support his or her needs.  This in-depth and well-rounded process incorporates real-time feedback, action planning, and on-going accountability to create the right framework for attaining success.


Resources Provided to Leader

  • If assessment tools are used, a customized summary of results and analysis
  • If individual interviews are conducted, a customized summary of results (in confidential form)
  • Follow-Up summary for each coaching meeting
  • Template for customized development plan



Meet Your Coaches


Gary Walljasper brings more than 20 years of strategic human resources consulting experience to The Carlson Group, LLC and Your Clear Next Step. His professional career has included multiple management and leadership roles involving extensive advisory work and partnership with middle and senior management.

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Over her 18-year career, Melissa Worrel-Johnson has focused her efforts on leadership, talent development, and business strategy. Her diverse background includes entrepreneurial business start-ups as well as significant leadership roles in large corporations. Melissa believes we grow our businesses and profit through teamwork and people. People, purpose and passion will deliver profits. One of our biggest assets is how we lead our teams, develop our people and roll up our sleeves with people leadership.

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The Leadership Coaching Program is a six-month package that includes an approach that targets the specific areas of focus to support each individual’s needs. Contact us today for more details!

About the Services

Initial meeting with leader and appropriate individuals

Note:  Can be done virtually or in-person and is generally 60 minutes. 


  • Introduce and review the leadership coaching process (coaching approach, roles/responsibilities, services provided)
  • Determine whether leader and coach are a fit to initiate engagement
Information-gathering meeting with leader and appropriate individuals


In many instances, an initial assessment would be completed with results being used as a framework for initial discussion to identify areas of focus.  It does not preclude other topics to be a priority in the coaching engagement (i.e., the leader defines the areas of focus for his/her coaching opportunity).


Should an assessment be requested, Carlson Group is prepared to work with the client to identify the right process.  This may include self-assessment tools, 360-feedback assessments, or data-gathering through in-person interviews.


  • Clarify leader goals, the current scenario, and development needs
  • Identify key themes (i.e., strengths and opportunities for development) that will serve as a foundation for developing action plans to support success.

Data gathered may include one or more of the following:

  • Organization chart (if not available, a breakdown of the organization structure)
  • Organization vision, mission, strategy documentation
  • Where available, recent assessment summaries providing behavioral/cognitive data on strengths and opportunities
  • Where applicable, real-time feedback from direct reports, peers, customers, leader’s leader, etc.
  • Where appropriate, past performance review data
  • Key issues/concerns regarding working relationships (organization, team, and/or individual levels)
  • Key goals/objectives identified (ST and LT)
Creation of customized development plans using data from information-gathering meetings


  • Define targeted areas of focus and supporting actions during coaching engagement that will provide the greatest opportunity for the leader to be successful.
9 individual coaching meetings with leader
  • General length of Leadership Coaching Services Program is six months*
  • Bi-weekly meetings at the beginning of engagement, moving to monthly meetings toward the end of the engagement. 
  • Coaching meetings generally last 45-60 minutes (may vary depending on needs of leader)
  • Follow-up summary of meeting themes, next steps, actions, and accountabilities would be developed and provided to leader
  • Meetings can be in-person or virtual

* Where appropriate, a coaching engagement can extend beyond six months.  Carlson Group and the client would work together to define an approach that works for all parties.


On-going confidential discussions that focus on supporting the leader’s success.  Topics are driven by the leader and include, but are not limited to:

  • Areas of focus as determined by the development action plan
  • Updates on action items
  • Coaching on in-the-moment issues
Real-time Coaching

On-going access to coach via phone and email during six-month period.


  • Provide real-time coaching to address in-the-moment issues and questions that should not wait until the next meeting
Wrap-up meeting with leader and appropriate individuals


  • Discuss overall results of the end-of-engagement feedback process, outcomes of actions taken, and next steps for client

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are meetings virtual or in-person?

Meetings can be done virtually or in-person, if safe. 

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Leadership Coaching

Carlson Group’s Leadership Coaching Program provides a comprehensive approach to helping new and/or experienced leaders and individual contributors enhance their effectiveness.

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