Ready to Redefine Your Career and Elevate Your Impact?

Join Women’s Career Mastery Program

Women’s Career Mastery is a 6-month community-centered, cohort-based program designed to help you define, articulate, and achieve your next career goal in alignment with your aspirations. The program equips you with the strategies, tools, and support to make it happen. 

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Are you ready to advance your career with clarity, purpose, and unwavering confidence?

Discover Women’s Career Mastery, the ultimate program designed exclusively for purpose-driven women like you.

Imagine the possibilities if you could:

  • Find career fulfillment by leveraging your strengths, passions, values, and purpose while making a meaningful impact, all without compromising your personal life.
  • Possess unwavering confidence, lead with authenticity, and overcome self-doubt, self-limiting thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder your career growth.
  • Have access to experienced coaches and a supportive community that provides guidance, support, and valuable connections to help you navigate your career and unlock new opportunities.
  • Acquire the skills to position yourself as a valuable asset to your organization, creating opportunities that propel your career forward and develop the ability to influence and inspire others.

Redefine Your Career and Elevate Your Impact!

Registration is open! The program starts on September 20th, 2023 and Only 12 seats are available! Enroll now!

“Christine is an outstanding coach. I identified one of my major goals as being to overcome imposter syndrome and amplify my skills. She provided me with a great deal of clarity, and together we worked on action plans to amplify my strengths and be more visible. Overall, I found the experience of working with her to be very fun, calming, and outcome driven. And I am better because I picked up great skills and tools to continue to build a great personal brand. I highly recommend her coaching services – she is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive.”

Yemisi S.

Global Learning Facilitator and Advisor

The Program Is a Perfect Fit For You If…

  • You love what you do and have a strong desire to pursue a promotion and take on more responsibility. However, you may also feel hesitant or unsure about making that leap and seek clarity to make informed career decisions.
  • You feel stuck in your current position and hungry for change but unsure where to start. You seek guidance and clarity to navigate your way forward.
  • You are growing as a person and aspire to align your career with your values and purpose but find it challenging to set clear career paths and goals.
  • You are facing a career decision but struggling to find someone you can trust and talk to about it. You want guidance, a plan, and visible progress.
  • You believe that success can be achieved without sacrificing your well-being and are dedicated to restoring the balance between your professional and personal life.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself like never before, committing to personal growth and development, and taking the next step towards a fulfilling career.

Is What You're Doing Today Getting You Closer to Where You Want to Be Tomorrow?

If the above statements resonate with you, Women’s Career Mastery is here to provide the guidance, support, and community you need to thrive.
Join us and embark on a journey where you can redefine success, collaborate with like-minded women, celebrate achievements, and honor your well-being.

“I met Laura in one of the most difficult moments of my life. At the first meeting, I felt that she not only understood how I felt, but she was confident that I would overcome all obstacles. How could she believe in me more than I did? That look of compassion, connection, trust, strength, and wisdom that she shared was a critical push in my transition. I joined a beautiful group of women in transition with Laura and since then, I have noticed how I am strengthening the skills that I had dormant, such as the strength to reach out to others and ask for advice or help, but most of all, I see how my confidence grows with each session.”

Cathy R.

University Sustainability Professor

What You Will Gain by Joining the Program…

Uncover Your Inner Genius
Reconnect with your authentic self by recognizing, leveraging, and amplifying your unique talents, strengths, passions, and purpose. Gain a renewed sense of self-confidence and utilize these qualities to achieve remarkable success.
Expand and Explore with Confidence
Benefit from a robust support system that provides a scaffolded strategy and actionable steps to achieve your career goals. Enjoy the accountability and guidance that will propel you forward on your path to success.
Sharpen Skills for Success
Develop essential skills that are crucial for career advancement and overall well-being. Connect your intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) to effectively navigate change and achieve holistic success in both professional and personal aspects of your life.
Laser Focus Your Career
Identify your current position, envision your desired future, and bridge the gaps to reach your goals. Cultivate the confidence and skills to articulate your career needs, enabling you to take the lead and create your path to success.
Find Your Tribe
Connect with a remarkable network of like-minded female professionals who share similar goals and aspirations. Build valuable relationships within a supportive community that nurtures your career growth and success.

Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you!

“Christine has a toolbox of many techniques and actively tailors her approach to my specific needs, making me feel heard and understood. With her guidance, I feel empowered to make decisions that improve my life. I am fortunate to have worked with Christine and highly recommend her.”

Leanna L.

Business Owner

What’s included? 

This six month program builds on essential elements and support that every woman needs to succeed in their career while growing as a person. Each cohort will consist of 12 participants, ensuring personalized attention and meaningful interactions.

Onboarding Coaching Session
A dedicated onboarding coaching session designed to establish expectations, outline program objectives, and create a solid foundation for a transformative and enriching learning experience.

Monthly Virtual Workshops
Six monthly 2-hour virtual interactive workshops will immerse you in dynamic content, interactive discussions, and practical activities, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in your career.

Group Coaching Sessions
Six monthly 90-minute virtual sessions conducted over a span of 6 months.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Two 45-minute Individual Coaching Sessions that you can use anytime during the program.

Practical Activities to Grow
Assignments throughout the program. Each is designed to address identified gaps, helping to expand your skills, boost your confidence and laser focus on taking steps towards your career goals.

Online Community
Engage in a dynamic chat with a community of game-changing female peers. Tap into the collective wisdom and support of this inspiring group as you progress towards your goals.

If you aren't where you want to be, DON'T QUIT. Instead, realign yourself and your career to what matters most!

Experience the pilot program and gain early access to cutting-edge curriculum, innovative methodologies, and transformative resources. As one of the first participants, you’ll enjoy a distinct advantage. This opportunity provides exceptional value at a more affordable investment. Don’t miss out on being at the forefront of this program. Join as a founding member and embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your career and personal goals.

Consider getting reimbursed for this program through your company’s professional development budget allocation, if available.

“I started working with Laura in the Women in Transitions Group, and through her guidance and coaching, I am achieving immense progress in my transition. Laura brings years of expertise in coaching and with this, she has enabled a safe environment where we can share ideas, help with the discovery of our own journey, listen, ask questions, and set goals. Laura inspires, cheers, and reminds us about our strengths and potential. She is a true leader- flexible, understanding, and empowers you with the tools to succeed in whatever goals you set for yourself.”

Daozhi C.

Associate Director, Strategy and Operational Excellence

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions…

What if I know I need this program, but I'm worried about being too busy and lacking time?

We understand that your schedule may be packed and finding time for yourself can be a challenge. However, our program offers a different approach. Rather than adding more to your already busy life, we provide you with the opportunity to create space and dedicate time specifically for yourself. It’s about prioritizing your personal and professional growth by carving out intentional moments to focus on redefining your career.

Why should I invest in this program?

Through our program, you gain the essential resources and support for redefining your career. We equip you with the tools, resources, and guidance to navigate this transformative journey effectively. Consider it an investment in your professional fulfillment and long-term success.

Our program empowers you to gain clarity, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles that may have hindered your career progression. Moreover, we provide an accountability aspect that extends beyond just your coaches. Your peers, who are an integral part of the program, offer support and hold you accountable, ensuring you stay on track. It’s a collaborative and supportive environment that recognizes the value of collective growth and mutual encouragement.

Is it really worth it to go through this process?

Just like a musician tuning their instrument before performing at a higher level, our program encourages you to do the same for your career. It’s about aligning your talents, passions, and aspirations to play in the higher realm of your professional potential. By redefining your career on your terms, you open doors to greater fulfillment, purpose, and success.

Remember, career redefinition is not just about finding a new job or making a change for the sake of change. It’s a transformative journey that allows you to rediscover and realign with what truly matters to you professionally. Our program provides the necessary support and tools to help you embark on this path, unlocking new opportunities and possibilities along the way.

Why are you offering a significant discount for this program?

We are offering a significant discount for this program because we are currently running a pilot program. As part of our pilot phase, we want to gather valuable feedback and insights from participants like you, which is why we are providing this special pricing opportunity. It’s a win-win situation: you get to access our program at a reduced fee, while we benefit from your input to refine further and enhance the program for future iterations.

What if I am not available for the Bi-Weekly Live Virtual Sessions?

We understand that scheduling can be challenging. We will work collaboratively with all 12 participants to find suitable time slots that accommodate everyone’s availability. In advance, we will send you invites, allowing you to book the sessions in your calendar. Our goal is to ensure that you have ample notice and can plan accordingly to make the most out of the program.

Redefine Your Career and Elevate Your Impact!

Registration is open! The program starts on September 20th, 2023 and Only 12 seats are available! Enroll now!

Your Coaches, Mentors, and Program Creators

Meet Laura Casale:

With over 20 years of experience in HR Talent Acquisition, Management, and Development and a boundless passion for empowering people to achieve their potential, Laura brings out the best in everyone she meets. She’s a Certified Coach, HR Learning and Leadership Development Expert, and Master Facilitator who knows how to build, manage, and deliver award-winning programs that get results.

With her specializations in Career Readiness and Transitions, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership, and Wellbeing, Laura takes a well-rounded and professional approach to helping individuals and teams to be their best and achieve success.

But wait, there’s more! In 2021, Laura decided to take things up a notch by creating a community that supports Women in Transitions. With her personal experiences, coaching expertise, and multifaceted skill set, she’s helped countless women navigate and rock their own transitions!


Meet Christine Samuel:

A coach, facilitator, author, and speaker with a fierce belief in the power of relational intelligence and inner capacity to drive true collaboration and achievement.

Christine is not your typical leadership coach. She knows that true growth and success require a heart-centered approach that addresses the whole person, not just their professional skills. She isn’t afraid to challenge people to look inward and connect with their true potential.

Clients can’t stop raving about the safe and supportive space Christine creates for them to explore their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

Her unique blend of human-centered design, mindfulness, NLP, Solution-Focused Brief Coaching, soma-awareness, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom traditions has helped countless individuals and teams tap into their full potential and achieve their goals with confidence and ease.

If you’re ready to take your collaboration and leadership skills to the next level, Christine is the person you need.

Together, We'll Make It Happen

With Women’s Career Mastery, you’ll regain the confidence to redefine success on your terms. With expert guidance and the support of a community of empowered women, you’ll shape a future aligned with your unique aspirations.

Don’t let analysis paralysis hold you back any longer. Join Women’s Career Mastery today and embark on a transformative journey.

Women’s Career Mastery – Special Offer


Women’s Career Mastery is a 6-month community-centered, cohort-based program designed to help you define, articulate, and achieve your next career goal in alignment with your aspirations. The Program equips you with the strategies, tools, and support to make it happen. With Women’s Career Mastery, you’ll regain the confidence to redefine success on your terms. With expert guidance and the support of a community of empowered women, you’ll shape a future aligned with your unique aspirations.

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