Advanced Facilitation – Public


May 14th, 2024
July 11th, 2024

8:30am-4:30pm Central Time


When meetings go sideways, we all lose. Gain skills for getting even the toughest folks in the toughest room back on track for a productive meeting.

Some meetings – and some meeting participants – require extra care and finesse. Busy executives with limited time on their hands, distracted individuals whose minds are elsewhere, and people caught up in organizational politics that don’t align with the other meeting participants can make things really tough! Whether we’re trying to understand the technical details of a specific issue or we’re planning for the next several months or years for our organization, our meetings need to be productive and useful. The best compliment to a meeting facilitator is to be invited back, and that doesn’t happen unless the people in the meeting agree that the meeting was effective. Gain and practice proven techniques to protect the productivity of the meeting and keep things moving forward well, even in the face of apathy, distractedness, excessive chattiness, resistance, hostility, unreasonable dominance, and other unproductive behaviors. In this full-day workshop, we’ll weave stories of disruptive behavior into techniques of how to manage them with grace. Keeping in mind the essentials of any effective meeting and supplementing those critical foundations with advanced techniques to use when the meeting is at a standstill. This class will prepare you to facilitate even the highest-stakes meetings with any of highest profile participants.

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May 14, July 11

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