Recovering Relationships When Something Goes Wrong

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You just got wind that something’s not right. A file got messed up, the ball got dropped, a risk you’re not prepared for just blew up on your team…the bottom line is, something went wrong.  You may have caused it.  Someone else may have caused it.  The truth is, it’s wrong now, and it’s got to be fixed.

We can't exactly tell you when, where, or what will go wrong, but we can just about guarantee that someone on your team will mess up eventually--it might even be you! And it’s equally possible that those vendors you’re working with will make a mistake at some point too.  Here are some tips to think about when you're making things right, because we need the ability to recover quickly!

Recovering Relationships when Something Goes Wrong – Objectives: 

By attending this course, participants will:

  • Gain five tactical ways to recover the relationship when something goes sideways
  • Explore three strategies for building effective relationship from day one
  • Pick one thing you’ll apply right away

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