Faith and Work

Participants attend our Faith workshops, specifically Transitioning Well, seeking ideas and guidance in communication and well as guidance through changes such as a new building, congregational division, and pastoral transitions.


Things participants took away from our sessions…
  • confirmation of intentional movement along a deliberate change management and affirmation of the work underway in the church
  • new tools for coaching and talking about change
  • being more understanding of the range of different styles of how people deal with change, rather than giving in to the tendency of assuming everyone handles it the same way
  • a new emphasis on relationships and communication
  • coaching tools to help the group through periods of difficulty
  • to be in active listening more
  • using the focus coaching tools
  • presenting a strategy for getting from A to B that is communicated to our congregation
  • the prompts I will be giving people as we go through transitioning, whether the pandemic transitioning that’s been forced upon us or anything else.



“I believe that this session for our church was God’s timing for me to be on board, and some tools for communication, and I plan to use that transition graphic at our next leadership meeting. The mantle of leadership weighs heavily right now and I want to make sure that our congregation knows that they have my ear and that their perspective is respected even if I disagree.”

~Participant, 2020



When asked, “What are you going to apply?” participants answered…
  • “Shut up and listen a lot” – Steve, 2020
  • “I am saturated right now with all the things I’m taking away; I think that definitely communication has been a strong emphasis of these transition tools, and the importance of listening and really giving people a chance to express what their observation is.” – D, 2020
  • “What am I going to apply? It should be what am I not going to apply?” -Josh, 2020



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